Goin Up On a Tuesday







Strength : Push Press


– Get a lot of heavy reps in here



15 Pull-Ups
30 Double Unders
Run 300m



S : Jumping Pull-Ups, 70 Single Unders
L1 : 20 Double Unders


Rx+: UNbroken PU and DUs. If broken up for 1) pull-ups finish remainder of round as burpee pull-ups and 2) double unders subtract 10 reps from where you broke up.



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. Snatch Work
12 minutes: find a 3 rep power snatch, at least 5-6 attempts
12 minutes : find a 1 rep squat snatch + 3 OHS + behind neck jerk, at least 5-6 attempts


3. Bench Press
5 @ 70%, rest approx. 30s, 3 @ 80%, rest approx. 30s, 1 @ 90%, rest approx. 1:00. Perform for 1 minute. Keep weights relatively consistent throughout.


4. Conditioning
Run 4x600m AFAP, rest 1:1

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