TRIIB is In Full Swing

TRIIB is In Full Swing


We are officially switched over to TRIIB 100%. This means no WODify for performance tracking here forward. This has been 3 months in the making and I decided we were at the best point we were going to get pre-launch and just pulled the trigger.

Please don’t panic if your individual information seems off. I guarantee you all data you stored of your hard work in WODify up to last week was transfered over. Anything that isn’t showing up is just a matter of mislabeling in the digital universe that we can track down. As of now a lot of the transfer has minor issues, but TRIIB is being great with helping get it fixed as they have been through the entire process.

If you encounter any issues with your personal profile please let us know. Something like your history for a lift being missing, stuff like that. For now I recommend using the App as much as you can as it seems to be the most streamlined when it comes to simple use and data access. Bear with us as well since this is a first usage wise for most of the coaches as well when it comes to the main screens at each gym. I assure you we will have a handle on this in no time and this is a good move for us overall.

Have a good day!




Strength : Push Press
Find a 1 rep max

WOD : For Time
50 Lateral Burpees
50 Toes to Bar
– EMOM 1 Squat Clean 135/95

S : 35/35 reps, 95/65
L1: 115/75

Rx+ : 205/145



Lift : Split Jerk
Find a 1 rep max

Accessory: Push Press

Conditioning: 3 Rounds
Row 750m
15 Burpees


The Program

1. Strength and WOD Rx+

2. Build to a max Split Jerk in 15 minutes
then EMOM 14m
O: 2 Split Jerk @ 88% today’s max
E: 2-7 Muscle Ups, work on speed/repeatable mechanics/volume.

  • Both movements failure is OK

3. 7m AMRAP
8 HSPU (Open Standard)
8 Dbl KB Hang Clean and Jerk 53/35
16 Wall Ball 20/14

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