Good Luck to Our Runners!




Regular Schedule for Marathon Monday



You know what is hard? Any intense physical fitness. You know what is really hard? Doing it for many hours with incredible uncertainty after training for months and fundraising for the same. I have so much love and respect for all the thousands who run any marathon, and I have an even deeper of such for OUR RUNNERS running tomorrow for the Boston Marathon! 


Stacy Doyle (Woburn), Sean Gilroy (CP), and Jenny Yerxa (Woburn) have been training for this incredible journey during the hardest training months you can find. The reason the Boston Marathon is so difficult is a combination of the terrain being so up and down (and tricky down for much of the first half to make you feel like it isn’t so hard after all before it REALLY GETS YA), while being at a time of year where training happens during the brutal winter months up here. You think running 20 miles on a Saturday sounds awful? Try it when it’s 20 degrees and snowed the night before.  Good luck to all three of you. Anyone going to watch tomorrow, or just interested in following some Landos, find them on Facebook (I won’t post their links here since I don’t have their permission though I’m sure they wouldn’t mind). Give them a couple $$ for their last minute fundraising too!


If I missed somebody I am very sorry. We love you too! GOOD LUCK!!!





BootCamp Sprint


1. 8m AMRAP
5 Strict Hanging Tuck/TTB
10 Situps (GHD if available)
15s Hollow Hold


Immediately after 8 minutes perform 30 Box Jumps 24/20


– rest as needed for setup – 


2. Interval Mini-Marathon
For Time
Row 1000m
rest 1:00
Run 800m
rest 1:00
30 Burpees





Strength : Low Bar Back Squat


Perform as many sets as so in 20 minutes. The idea is the 5s are 50-65% done AFAP (reps) to prep for the 1s which are done at 80% and increasing. Your goal is to max out the 1s. After your 3rd 5-1, perform only singles there on out.



WOD : 3 Rounds
4 Minute AMRAP, rest 1 minute after each round
3 Power Snatch 135/95
5 Handstand Push-ups
7 Air Squats



S : 75/55, Push-Ups
L1 : 95/65, Ring Dips


Rx+: Squat Snatch



The Program 


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. 6M amrap
3 Muscle Ups + 10s L Sit after last MU
3 Hang Squat Clean Thruster 185/135
10m HS Walk


3. 50 DB Snatch, alternating arms, floor to OH, for time

– try heaviest able to keep moving continually. 100/75 is RX. 10m time cap.

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