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BootCamp Sprint is postponed indefinitely for AM time slots at BOTH locations. There will be a new schedule for these classes starting Monday, June 13th. Don’t worry, the noon time classes will NOT be messed with at Canal Park. There will be BootCamps added around those times at Woburn.


The biggest mistake CrossFitters can make is thinking that working harder is working more. Ive been around a bit and can say with 100% certainty that nearly every CrossFitter, regardless of purpose, experiences overtraining and breakdown in some way at some point. This ain’t less is more, but it also is harder is defined as more either.


Now, this isn’t going to become one of those posts where I swear that there is a way you can become {insert goal here} in less than 1 hour of intense work and less than 5 times a week. Whatever your goals are, if they are beyond “not dying as fast as status quo”, then you need to do intense exercise for at least 1 hour and do it at least 4x a week. Notice how many times I said AT LEAST. That means minimum. As we get into different goals we get into what it takes in terms of the amount of work you do. Regardless, it takes time to reach goals in life especially when it comes to fitness (weird I know).


It still doesn’t mean that 2 hours in the gym 7 days a week means you absolutely will get what you want. Honestly if you are doing that I guarantee it is messing you up and holding you back. For those of you saying “no shit bro”,  you would be surprised to learn then that this is the conversation myself and all the coaches at Lando have the most with your brethren. It goes like this:


ATHLETE : “Coach, I’m tired. And hurt. And peed the bed because I didn’t want to get out to go because my calves and this weird muscle just beneath my ribcage I didn’t even know I had hurt so bad.”.

COACH : “When was your last rest day?”. 

ATHLETE: “What day?”.

COACH : “Go home.”. 


That is generally the conversation, give or a take a few sentences and conjunctions. Overtraining is real and happens to all levels of athlete. Again, this isn’t saying less it more. This is saying that working harder isn’t just spending more time working.


One thing to know, I absolutely HATE the “less is more” saying and idea in general. This is doubly so if it is coming from a coach or leader of some sort. I get it all the time when people want to give me advice about running my business. Funny how it always comes from people who have never owned a small business, or business at all, and people who I generally wouldn’t take advice from at all anyways let alone about my livelihood. If I want to send emails at 1am Im going to send emails at 1am. Guess how many distractions there are at that time? Even TV sucks by then. I also understand that working 24/7 is dumb as hell no matter how much work we have. But less is more is an easy way for lazy people to describe getting lucky. Like the people that didn’t go to class or a single study session but pulled off an A because they memorize well. Whatever bro, good luck with life.


Less is more sucks from leaders because it is always taken too far. If I tell one of you less is more, then next month you are going to ask to go to 2x a week then the month after cancel on me because you gained 10#. Still, your body needs time to recover to get gains. The same for your mind. I can’t stress enough how “listen to your body” truly works as a measuring stick for when to rest. That doesn’t mean if you are sore don’t come. If that was the case how many of you would ever show up? But if you are walking through the office and honestly grimacing over the idea of possibly running a 400m to warm up, THAT means listen to your body and give it a rest.


The mental game is the most important part of your training. Think of the synergy that happened when you started out on your CrossFit journey and you couldn’t get enough. Remember that feeling? You wanted to come every day because the day before was so awesome. You had amazing changes in your body, felt younger, looked better, got to spend amazing time with me Stacey, Flav, Jack, Kyle, and Matt, and met other amazing people who were stranger members that quickly became friends. Well the same thing happens negatively when you break yourself. First a bad WOD happens and the next day doesn’t seem so fun. Getting out of bed at 5am to make class isn’t so cool anymore. All the sudden a week has gone by and you haven’t had a decent day of fitness, or worse yet couldn’t bring yourself to come in.


The science of why your body needs rest days throws down tomorrow. Tune back in!





– AM BootCamp Class is postponed at both locations starting immediately. A new BootCamp schedule is being started on Monday, June 13. Please tune in to find out about the new schedule soon.





Strength: Front Squat
3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3, all heavy over 80%



WOD : 8 Rounds, :30 on :30 off each round, max reps of following couplet each :30 on. Add total reps for all 8 rounds.

4 Bar Facing Bar Hop, 2 feet each time
6 Overhead Squat 115/75


S:  75/55 Front Squat, step over for Bar Hops

L1: 95/65 OHS


Rx+: Squat to Bar Hop, 135/95 must be UB



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. EMOM 10m : 10 UB Wall Ball 20/14, heavier if able, then right into 6m AMRAP: 5 Deadlift 315/225, 1 TGU each arm 70/53


3. Yoke Carry : 5×50′ heaviest able (CP 5x30s back rack hold)
– 20 GHD situps after each round but not last

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