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Every lift we do has a setup position that is loosely strict. The more experience you have with yourself and how you move the more freedom you have to play with your setup and see how it works for you. A great example of this is with the snatch and the hand placement. Whenever you teach the snatch we are going to say the following things : 


1) Find the rings and place your hands accordingly (bar at waist, arms straight)
2) Feet under hips
3) Shoulders tight down and back
4) Find placement for start of lift


However, once you get more experienced you might realize that your shoulders require a closer grip for strength in lock out. Or because you are fat and out of shape long and gangly like myself, your hips have a hard time getting low while keeping lumbar and hamstring position for proper or most effective push from the floor. Whatever it is you will certain find that there are minor, sometimes major, ways to adjust the way you are told to setup. This is ok, and even encouraged. The way we teach the setup of every lift is based off the most effective way to teach the largest amount of people quickly. This doesnt mean that they have to be 100% followed as such. Think of it as a guide for where you find your perfect way.


Keep this in mind when setting up for today’s Snatch work. Find your way that works within the right way.





BootCamp Sprint


1. “Randy” and more
75 Snatch 75/55
– Every Minute on the Minute perform 4 lateral burpees over bar



2. Core Work
work with a partner to develop a max :30 forearm plank hold, weighted, 3 chances. Rest 2:00 between.






Strength : Snatch Work


– Find a 1 rep max Snatch (Woburn)


– Find a 1 rep max Overhead Squat (Canal Park)



WOD : “Randy”


75 Snatch 75/55



The Program


1. Strength and WOD


2. Bench Press


3a: 4×10 Strict TTB, rest :60

3b: 4×10 Straight Arm Raise in Full Squat, 45/35, start in snatch start (mid shin), rest :60

3c: 4xME Double Unders, rest :60



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