Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

Jack moves on to the Arnold! Here is a recap directly from him detailing his experience each day. I know I have said a lot about this the past week or so but it’s a very cool thing. Hopefully his work inspires many of you in your own endeavors and interests you in learning more about Strongman training from the man himself! I promise a break from Jack/Strongman talk but only for a short while. The Arnold Classic is in March and Jack will be there competing again! Congrats Jack!


Last Challenge Re-Test

Cliche as it may be I honestly can’t believe how fast the time has passed. Regardless of how much I fight against it, the days keep flying by. So here we are, Challenge time almost gone, and it’s that bastard/bitch “Fran” again staring us in the face.

Before we get onto that specifically, some final notes on the Challenge.

The last day for all entries is Sunday, November 19th. That means you have to clean up all food entries and any other things you have left out there. Monday and Tuesday will be reserved for staff to declare winners.

Note on deciding winners

This is the first time we used this method for a Challenge and not to jinx it but I think it was perfect. There will still be some small arbitrary decisions to be made, but for the most part the proof is in the pudding. Everything we did had a point value, most that revolved around your entries, some that did and will be done by yours truly based on cold hard facts of performance. WODify logging is crucial for this aspect of the Challenge. We need to know your first and re-test weights/scores for the 3 tests. Be sure you do “Fran” with the same scale as last time so the data is easy to analyze.

Any missing information will not be tracked down once logging closes on Sunday. If you are missing a weeks worth of logging that were perfect days and attendance records, unfortunately we can’t count it. We had over 60 people start with many fully participating. While I am always one for special cases and playing favorites, if I allow one person late entry or do it for them, I have to for everyone. This leads to Aaron not sleeping for days on end as he determines the winner of the Challenge. Trust me, it’s happened before. This time around it’s on you to be accountable for that which you are responsible for. Crazy concept, right?

Obviously I still leave room for extenuating circumstances like tsunamis ruining computers just before hitting enter Sunday night at 11:59pm making all your hard logging work null and void. As always please let me know if you have any issues, and do so sooner than later. Also, please email me if you have issues, this and generally. Facebook Messenger is not reliable since I don’t check it regularly and notifications of messages don’t stay on once read. I am on my email constantly so see emails all the time. If you need me, email me, either directly or through the [email protected] address.

Good luck on “Fran”, and happy Friday!


Holiday Schedule (next week)

Crazy it’s time for this but I wanted to get the schedule for next week out so you can plan your Turkey Trot’s and gorging periods nicely.

As always I like to have an extended closed period around Thanksgiving like Christmas and July 4th to allow for quality family time for staff. I demand this for my own life so have always felt it only fair my staff enjoys this too.

All listed times are for both locations unless noted.

Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st : Regular Schedule
Wednesday 22rd : No 7pm class
Thursday and Friday (23th and 24th) : Closed
Saturday : Regular Schedule

Believe it or not we will announce the Christmas schedule not long after as well.




CoreWOD : 21-15-9
Russian Twists 20/14 MB
Seated MB Press (feet off floor)
Weighted Situps
Straight Arm Plank Knee Touches

*12 Minute Cap

WOD : “Fran”
Thrusters 95/65

S : 65/45, Jumping Pull-Ups
L1: 75/55, Banded Pull-Ups

Rx+ : “Heavy Fran” (read rules below, please!)
Thrusters 135/95
CTB Pull-Ups


Let’s face it…”Fran” is a tough WOD to just come in and do once you are at the point of doing it Rx every time and in a range time wise that equals your ability and you haven’t improved in some time. This is especially true once you are sub 3:00. This is why there is an Rx+ option this time, but there are rules. There have to be rules, Donny! If you haven’t done it as Rx yet, or sub 5:00 (really sub 3:00 is the lifetime goal all should strive for), shitty or not, you are doing “Fran” as written.



1. Core Warmup : 10 minutes

2. “Death by Burpees : 20 Minutes Cap
– Done EMOM style, do a set of burpees within the minute that coincides with that minute. So you start with 1 burpee in minute 1, then 2 in minute 2, 3 minute 3, and so on until you cannot complete the burpees in that minute.

  • Once eliminated, rest 2:00 max, then continue until the last person is done as you do a set equal to 50% of your last completed round. So if you were eliminated on minute 9, your last completed round was 8, you do 4 EMOM until the last person is done.

Rest until 5:00 past the last worker then

3. “Sweaty Fran”
Wall Ball 20/14
Jumping Pull-ups (no scaling to other kinds of pull-ups even for Rx level athletes)

The Program

1. Strength and “Heavy Fran”

2. Jerk Technical Work
– Work down the list one by one, completing each drill before starting the next. Entire section should be 30 minutes max. Use your preferred method for jerking, whichever you Clean and Jerk with.

a: Tall Jerk
– make this heavier than the normal warmup up use of this drill, but stay at a weight light enough to pause with control at the forehead in the proper position on your tip toes. For most this is no heavier than 115/75, maybe 135/95. This is not for improving strength but the heavier weight makes for faster action DOWN.

b: Jerk Balance (behind neck)
If you push jerk this is essentially a shallow snatch balance. If you split this is same idea but into a split.

5×1, same idea as tall jerk

3. Front Squat + Jerk
8×1, heavy on both, out of rack

4. For Quality, 15 minutes amrap but work with relaxed intensity. Walk every step unless dictated by movement. Prep and breath before each set intent on large, unbroken as able sets.
20 Heavy ass Russian Swings
– Jog 75′ x2 (turn and double back)
20 Heavy ass Wall Ball
– Jog
Heavy Ass Front Rack Carry, Dbl KB, 50′ x 2
– Jog
20 Dbl KB DL, heavy ass of course

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