How Will I Wake Up?

How Will I Wake Up?

Which Lando coaches tomorrow in Woburn?

Is it going to be Good Lando Wenceslas, ready to lead weary pages through frozen snow with their broken spirits, yet as an invigorated leader drawing power from another victory on the field of battle with his loved ones and great friends?

Or will it be Lando of Misery, being crushed by the loss by his friends on that same field of battle he dreamed of triumph and thrill.

We see starting at 8:30pm.




Strength : Deadlift

  • get heavy but be smart!

15 Pull-Ups
10 STOH 165/115
5 Hang Squat Clean

S: Jumping Pull-Ups, 95/65
L1 : Banded Pull-Ups, 135/95

Rx+: 205/145



Core : 10m Blaster

Conditioning : “Filthy Fifty”


The Program

1. EMOM 30m
Min 1: Row 40s AFAP, rest remaining
2: 5 Squat Clean @ 70-80% 1rm
3: 10 UB Pull-Ups (CTB if able throughout)
4: 40s Max Wall Ball 20/14, rest remaining
5: Rest full minute

  • This is a up and down energy system practice, but the greater purpose is small to large perspective management, on the fly in this case. Micro to macro, small to big, how we look at everything about this.
  • We need to focus on every rep while factoring in it’s affect on the set and that set on the round and that round on the workout/event entirely. The athlete who can control their work this way throughout a workout will be at their best the most often. Take this to every level of comparison you want and it works the same. This whole way of thinking will be outlined on Monday for a nice hungover piece of reading.
  • For right now just focus on hitting each set AsHardAsPossible, while maximizing your rest round by round and the rest round itself.

2. Pull Work
a: E45s for 12 Minutes : 1 rep. Start at 40% max and increase 5% every rep until 80%, then as able to keep speed in the 6-7 range. Should never be a PR intention unless you can do that with a 6 speed (no stopping or altering angles unnaturally).

b: 7 Rounds
7 UB DB Power Clean 55/35, rest 15s after each set

3. EMOM 12m
1: 5 Bench Press 255/145
2: 3 Hang Power Snatch 185/125
3: 30 Double Unders + 3 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 + 4 Alt. DB Snatch 55/35 (2/2)

  • Scale weights and generally as needed but push yourself. Everything should be doable every minute throughout.
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