Hump Day Cure : Sweat It Out







Core WOD : Hollow Rock City
15 Rounds
10s on, 10s off : Hollow Rocks
then immediately after
75 Supermans, alternating sides


WOD : For Time
Run 200m
1 Rope Climb (3 Strict Pull-ups as scale and at CP)
10 Burpees
1 Deadlift 275/185
Run 200m
1 Rope Climb
9 Burpees
2 Deadlift
Run 200m
1 Rope Climb
8 Burpees
3 Deadlift


– Continue this way (Run 200m, 1 Rope/3 Pull-ups….) decreasing Burpees by 1 and increasing Deadlift by 1 until you get to 1 Burpee and 10 Deadlift. 


*35 Minute Time Cap


S: 135/95, start reps at 8/1

L1: 225/155, 10′ Rope Climb


Rx+: 315/225



The Program

– Anyone doing the Southie Showdown this is your last day for intense work. I don’t care how super hero ish you think you are you have 2 solid days of work this weekend. Be smart. It won’t ruin your training completely if you take Thurs and Fri basically off to be ready to test yourself to the best of your ability. There will be pre-comp training days posted both days for your choice. One day MUST be fully off, the other a pre-comp work day.


1. All Class Work as Rx+


2. EMOM 15m : 2 OHS (rack)
Get heavy as able


3. Core Work: Just get it done
14 Turkish Getups, 53/35, 7 each side
30 UB GHD Situps
50 GHD Hip Ext.
30 UB GHD Situps
25 (each side) standing oblique crunches 70/53 each side



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