I Guess Dying is Fine for Some of You

This is a call out from me to all of you.

This is me preaching, and this is me being on a high horse, and this is me talking down to you. I know and understand all of this, and am accepting and announcing this fact. I hope at the end of it you all understand why and where it comes from. But get ready because some people might get some feelings hurt.

At the start of the Paleo Challenge I went to New Orleans for my bachelor party. I did nothing Paleo. I lost count of cheats and drinks but I came out of it giving myself -80 points over 3 days.

The fact that I am

1) not in last place and

2) close to a good number of people ahead of me, is absolutely embarrassing to our community both as individuals and as a whole.

I will be and always am the first one to admit that I am far from perfect. Much of my bravado is for show because I like doing it and anyone close to me knows it’s an act and they find humor in it. I am the man in my own head, Sarah pats me on the back and agrees to make me shut up, but really I am far from it. I have many flaws

I eat like crap sometimes, I don’t fulfill my potential as an athlete, I certainly don’t always practice how I preach.

I struggle with food, I have my whole life.  I would always much rather eat 5 pizzas for dinner than Paleo Lasagna. I have thrown up from gag reflex eating raw spinach because I hate it so much. I have also thrown up at 3 weddings the past year…not from drinking too much but from eating too much cake. Sarah is so proud.

So I know how hard it is, I know where people are coming from with their struggles, and I know how it isn’t a daily struggle but a minute by minute struggle for many people. I am one of those people. Take a close look at me and you will see that while I might be strong I certainly am a bit soft especially around the middle. To be honest it’s somewhat embarrassing as I am the owner of a CF gym, personally coach some super elite athletes, and have the bodyfat more closely resembling a 9-5 office worker (no offense to you 9-5ers) than any sort of athlete.

Don’t believe me? Before CrossFit I ran a lot, never lifted a weight, and weighed 255 pounds. I currently weigh 228 pounds. I lift 100% more in terms of weight than I did before CrossFit. In other words I have 100% more muscle than I did before and am almost 30# lighter. In more other words, I was a fat sh*t who ate like sh*t. So before you all roll your eyes at this post understand that I am coming from a place and a person where this whole paleo super fitness lifestyle thing is new.

The excuses are done. I don’t care what they are. Bad day, bad week, sick, tired, sore, relatives in town. Done. They don’t fly. Never did, never will. Get it together.

My mother is an amazing cook and baker. In the past decade she has gotten very much on the health wagon. Growing up, however, she did a hell of a job feeding 5 kids and a father who wanted lots of food. She made us eat our vegetables, but in our family ordering 2 meals from McDonald’s was cool, eating 5 cheeseburgers at a family cook out at 12 years old was smiled upon, not finishing your plate was frowned upon. So I don’t buy the excuse of being brought up without the proper knowledge or system to be able to make these decisions now. Plus let’s be honest we are all adults. Even the young ones. There’s enough info out there that you could sit your collective butts down for 5 hours on a Sunday and learn most of what you need to know. Or just read some of my posts the past month and learn everything you need to know. We do the work for you.

We can only do so much. Our community of 120 members is amazing down to every individual one of you. There are a good amount of you who are amazing right now with this Paleo Challenge. I think there are more than 5 people who haven’t cheated yet. Amazing. But there are twice as many people who need to take an honest look at what the hell is going on. We are more than halfway done and people are still making bad decisions, taking multiple cheat days  in a week, and within 3 days of me passing them in points after starting at -80.

Yes, I am calling a lot of people out right now. You all deserve it. I didn’t just open a gym because it was a way to make money and have an easy life. You could look at our tax statements for 5 seconds and see that. And if you notice how many hours myself, Stacey, and the rest of the coaches are here you would know we aren’t here for the easy life.

I did this, we do this, because we want to help people and I truly believe in what CrossFit can do for people now and in the future. To be honest if you cannot dedicate yourselves for 6 weeks to better health and wellness than you are in for a sad reality. That reality isn’t being fat but being dead.

Dead. In a box, in the ground, dead. No more fun, no more cheating, no more good times, because you are dead. As in not living anymore.

Regardless of your age we all grew up with the deck stacked against us. We were all taught the wrong way to eat. This is an excuse and it is no longer valid. We now know how to eat, both for performance and for health. It isn’t hard. Look at the front of our Paleo packet and do it. I understand maybe not caring about a few pounds here and there, or body fat up or down. But let’s think of the actual health effects that are directly linked to what we put in our mouths.

Grab food, open mouth, insert food, chew. Doesn’t get much easier than that. Yet that simple process that takes a few seconds can mean life or death over years of time. Hypertension, Diabetes, CANCER, sleep apnea…those 4 alone should be enough to get your attention. THEY ALL HAVE BEEN DIRECTLY LINKED TO EATING LIKE SHIT.

This isn’t just about points and PRs. Dammit that makes it a lot more fun, but dammit life is a lot more important than that. Ever have a brush with death? Hit the brakes on black ice and start skidding into traffic? Have a foul ball smoked at your face at Fenway? None of those are as dangerous as what eating processed, high sugar, crap food every single day is in terms of the guarantee to it’s harm to you.

If I told you that doing XYZ every day would 100% lead to an early death, every single one of you would tell me you absolutely wouldn’t do that. None of you smoke crack every day, or shoot up H. At least not that I know of. Why not? Because it will kill you. 100% will. Well every single time you consciously eat crap food you might as well be shooting up. That is how dangerous this is.

We love all of you and let’s be honest, you pay us for our services, so we try to do this nicely. No one wants to feel bad or singled out when coming to the gym. That isn’t our style. So I hope you understand this is all still coming from a place of love for helping people.

But let’s cut the sh*t people. If you are killing it during this Paleo Challenge, then you better keep killing it. If you are in the middle, then dammit why aren’t you at the top? What is your excuse? And the bottom dwellers, what is your excuse?

No matter what your excuse is, is it good enough to justify slowly killing yourself? Is it enough to tell your husband, wife, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, that you don’t care about them enough to make sure you live the longest you possibly can?

Heck I know there are special circumstances. And I know some of you with crappy point totals just haven’t logged. That is almost worse. It takes 5 minutes to log 10 days of food, :30 to do 1. No excuse. We set this up about as easy as it could be. If you haven’t been logging your excuse simply is you are lazy. That’s a pretty bad excuse.

I hope I made some of you angry at me. Maybe that will kick it into gear and get people to actually try during the rest of this Challenge to make lasting changes in your lives that will have a direct affect on the length of time you are on this Earth. If you felt called out I am sorry because I don’t want to make anyone upset. But if you felt called out guess what, it means you probably know you aren’t doing the right thing. And I’m actually not sorry.

I’ve heard that the Paleo Challenge isn’t for everyone. That it’s hard, tough time of year because of work or whatever, that people don’t know how to cook this stuff or can’t afford it. I’ve heard all the excuses, made some of them myself.

That’s fine. I guess living isn’t for everyone. Don’t let me beat any of you at the end of this. Be better.


Strength: Power Clean
5 sets of 2 reps, don’t have to be touch and go but should be within 5 seconds of each other

30 Wall Ball 20/14
30 STOH 75/55
30 Double Unders



  • Leann
    February 5, 2014 10:02 pm

    Great post – 42 days is nothing and it takes 21 days to make a habit …. the hard part should be over now. (We gave up our protein shakes on the whole 30 – that was hard !)

  • Shamwow
    February 6, 2014 12:58 pm

    Amazing post. I’ve witnessed a few paleo challenges in my day. As you pointed out, the worst part is that people know better but make the wrong choice anyway. What if that consistently happened elsewhere in your life? You would be pretty irritated and you would be worse off for it, right?

    What if:
    -You didn’t do your laundry?
    -Your company didn’t pay you on time?
    -You didn’t change the oil in your car?
    -Your significant other knowingly pissed you off?

    These are all things that you can get away with for a little while. At some point, though, avoiding the right thing blows up in your face and you wish you had made a different choice all along.

    It sucks to hear, but Lando is right. You know better. We all know better. To quote my man Richard Sherman, “Shut up and adapt!”

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