In House Competition This Saturday, Party at Causeway Saturday Night!





We have a solid amount of signups for Saturday’s competition but we need more, more, more! 2 of the 3 workouts have been announced with #3 being released tomorrow (Monday) night. Hopefully you see that none of this is anything different than what we usually do in classes. If you are worried about scale or RX please email me or talk to a coach and we can guide you. You can also change the day of and even mid-competition!


Saturday night will be at Causeway on Causeway street right next to The Harp. Plan on getting there 8pmish or anytime after. There will be a live band starting at 10pm so try to get there before! It might be $5-$10 for cover but we will figure something out. Just plan on getting there and having a great time!





Core Conditioning  (Woburn Only)


Core : 10 Rounds
5 Situps
10 Hip Rolls (5 each side)
5 Supermans


Conditioning : 30 Rounds
5 Air Squats
3 KB Swings 53/35 (overhead)
1 Burpee





Strength : Front Squat


-This will be 20 minutes to get your work in. The 5s and 3s are heavy but are meant to focus on speed and setup the 1s at the end. Try to PR by the 2nd to last 1.



WOD: For Time
Squat Clean 155/105
– Run 400m after each set.


S: 75/55
L1: 135/95

RX+: 205/145


The Program


1. Strength and WOD , Rx+


2. 3×30 Pistols (alternating 15/15 each leg), rest :60 between efforts.

– This is for speed. Test how fast this can get done with limited rest.



3. 5 Rounds NFT
3-6 Power Snatch, 75-80% max power snatch, tng throughout, right into
3-6 Snatch Balance
1 Box Jump, 40/30″

– rest as needed after each round but perform each round AFAP with as perfect technique as able


4. 100 GHD Hip Extension, NFT


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