Interesting Things…



Now that the Paleo Challenge is over and you don’t have the In House to look forward to, here are a few things to check out that a some of your fellow Landosians are up to:


ECC Qualifiers: The East Coast Championship has become a premier event for competitive CrossFit athletes all over the country and takes place right here in Boston. This year they are asking people to do an online qualifier, much like the Opens, to determine who gets to compete that weekend. It is incredibly prestigious and difficult to qualify, most likely around a 5% qualifier rate, but Jack, Sarah, and Joanna will be giving it their each weekend the next few weekends to see how it goes. All there are very prepared but it is a incredibly competitive situation so we are just all wishing them the best. Who knows, maybe they will even be able to qualify a CrossFit Lando Team that you can all cheer on at the competition which is held in January. Stacey will be competing as an individual and with another team that weekend.

Southie Showdown: Next weekend a bunch of Landos are competing at CrossFit Southie during the Southie Showdown. This is a very well run, 2 day competition right near downtown Boston. This year we will have a tent setup in Tent City and there are always a ton of vendors, both apparel and food, so it’s a great spectator venue. This combined with us having a bunch of great Lando athletes and November 8th and 9th look to be a really fun time.

Strongman: All you crazy strongmen/strongwomen out there, Jack will be coaching Strongman Class at 11am this Sunday! (replaces regular CF class)



Early Crew: Meet at 8:30

1. Snatch
EMOM 10m
2 Hang Squat Snatch (any) from below knee. Keep this technical then technical. Make each rep perfect, THEN get heavy.

2. High Bar Back Squat
– this should take close to 25 minutes. Get heavy and get your rest in between sets.

3. Sled Drag/Push Conditioning
– 15m constant clock, push a sled 75′, then drag a sled 75′, then Airdyne 1:00, then Row 1:00, all done as close to continuously moving as possible but at about 90% pace. Sleds should have 90/45 on them.

10am/1pm class
Strength: High Bar Back Squat

WOD: For Time
Row 1000m
Run 1000m

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