Introducing our Basics and Advanced Seminar Series




I am more than happy to announce a new and improved seminar series for our entire community. Simply named “Basics” and “Advanced”, the goal of these is to cover all the basics that are needed for new and veteran CrossFitters as either introductions to essentials or refreshers. The advanced seminars will be for high skill movements or more in depth lifting techniques, things we don’t cover at all in classes. Basics will be open to all levels and will cover EVERYTHING for that particular movement group so all levels will get something out of it. Advanced will be open to certain levels depending on the movement group.


The seminars will rotate each Saturday between the two locations with each location hosting 1 seminar. They will run from 11:00-11:30am (Woburn) or 11:30-12:00pm (CP) and be free to members, $10 to non-members (member counting either location). Some weeks will have both advanced and basic at opposing boxes. The Basic Series will be the same 4-6 programs rotating through so you are sure to hit them in your first 1-2 months as a member and have a chance to refresh every 1-2 months, needed for ALL LEVELS. Advanced seminars will be move specific and “once in a while” for certain movements or groups.


This Saturday at Woburn we will host our first Basic Seminar on Kipping! This will cover the kip essentials for pull-ups and Toes to Bar. Again this is encouraged for all levels of athletes but especially beginners. The kip is a MUST for advancing in these two movements and the all might muscle up. As for all Basic Series, don’t be “too good” for these seminars. Everyone will learn something every time. See you are 11:00!



THURSDAY (non testing day)


Strength : Bench Press
5-5-5-3-3-3-2-2-2, all working sets


WOD : 50-30-10
Wall Ball 20/14
Double Unders
Row (Calories)


S/L1 : Single Unders or 50% DUs


Rx+: UB (start over if dropped ball or tripped DU)



The Program  :  Off

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