Introducing/Remembering the (Last) Pull


We have a new product for sale here at CrossFit Lando. The people who bring you Custom FIt Meals have a meal/protein bar that is phenomenal. It’s so good they even named it “The Best Bar Ever”. It really is a solid bar. SImilar in texture to Larabars but much better as it contains a much higher amount of protein. They are now on sale for $4.00 and are a perfect snack-meal for coming in right from work having not eaten for a long while, or leaving to go back to work where you know you don’t have time for a full meal for a while.

They are phenomenal BUT be careful. They are not supplements. Use them as described above but they pack a punch in terms of caloric value. While not quite a meal they are certainly a mini-meal so don’t be adding them to a meal unless you are looking to gain quality weight.

Hello there! I would like to introduce to you the last pull of the snatch. This part of the lift has many names. The last pull. The snatch high pull. Just to name two. This is a forgotten part of the lift here at CrossFit Lando because we are big on teaching how important the extension of the hips are to the lift. Borrowing from the Catapult method we really drill the body to bar contact and extension of the knees and hips through the feet driving into the floor. This is great, THE BEST way to perform the olympic lifts from the floor, but it tends to forget our friend at the end. The high pull is like that Elian Gonzalez of olympic lifting, stuck in the middle of a fight that it didn’t even create but somehow found itself an integral part of.

Us catapulters don’t want to lay claim to it but I don’t think most of us even understand why we would use it let alone why we should want to or not. See the issue is that most people want to just disagree with the why that the reason behind the why isn’t even discussed. So let’s get reasonable!

The last pull, this high pull, this end of the long line of perfectly timed mechanisms like the best 4th of July fireworks display ever, is important for two reasons : redirection and leverage for your body. The only bad part of using the catapult method, the aggressive body to bar contact that creates an explosion of Big Bang proportions in the gymnasium, is that the bar gets left out in no person’s land out in front of your body. This is no good especially in the snatch because you need to get the bar overhead and BEHIND the body in a matter of milliseconds. So what is in your back pocket to save the day? The last pull!

Aiding you in your quest to rocket propel yourself underneath the bar is you pulling this last pull. See a funny thing happens with the physics and the barbells and unicorns and whatnot. Once you have that bar hurtling through space at astronomical speeds you can use it for leverage. Pull up for you to go down. Sort of like pulling the cord on that emergency wash thing in high school chemistry class that dumped 50000 gallons of water on you when you were on fire from a chlorine bomb you for some reason were making in high school chemistry like it’a reasonable and useful thing for a 15 year old. Pull down and unleash hell. Sort of like that thing in high school, or maybe nothing like it I just wanted to get it into a blog. The key here is pulling up on the bar with the elbows high and towards the ceiling to not only get the bar into position BACK over head but also to help position yourself DOWN under that bar. It’s so easy it’s like high school chemistry!

So there you have it. The lost/last pull of the snatch for us catapulters. As you work on getting that super extension of the knees and hips by pushing through the floor, focus today on pulling aggressively upwards with your elbows once you are on your tippy toes. The tippiest of top of those tippy toes. Since most of us are working on a 1 rep max power snatch this is a great time to work on this concept because you don’t have to go down as low in your catch.

Progress baby, progress!



Strength: Snatch
Find a 1 rep max Power Snatch

WOD: 3 Rounds

20 Hang Squat Snatch 75/55
20 CTB Pull-Ups


Strength: Snatch
Find a 1 rep max Power Snatch

WOD: 3 Rounds
20 Hang Squat Snatch 75/55
20 CTB Pull-Ups

SkWAT Team: 30-50 strict HSPU, 10 min cap



1. 30 Burpee MU for Time
– 10 minute time cap. Get it done.

2. Strength: Snatch
1 Power Snatch + 2 Snatch Balance

3. WOD: 3 Rounds
20 Hang Squat Snatch 95/65
20 CTB Pull-Ups

4. SkWAT : 50 strict HSPU. 10m Cap

5. CORE: EMOM 16m
O: 4 Shoot Thru (Dip and Pushup)
E: 3 Db Bent Over Row (single arm) + 3 Barbell Bent Over Row, both heaviest able

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