Is Quinoa Paleo?

So the answer to the question above is technically, no. But the answer is the reason I wanted to talk about clean eating. Also because we are having a lifestyle challenge coming up after Labor Day leading into our In House Competition and Block Party September 16th!

Quinoa. Not Paleo. Why? That is a good question. It’s gluten free, which is one of the 3 main aspects of something being Paleo or not (gluten, processed sugar, additives/preservatives being the Paleo 3). However, when talking about real, true Paleo, quinoa contains lectin and a number of other anti nutrients that upset gut health in some. It is also highly glycemic meaning not monitoring the amount it’s ingested can have some unfavorable results to general health and fitness.

So is Quinoa good? I say yes, very much so.

As a health and fitness coach it is this debate that makes it why believe in advocating for “clean eating with Paleo principles” over strict Paleo as a good choice for most people in our community and beyond. Paleo is Paleo, meaning you eat things that fall into the guidelines of what Paleo dictates and you don’t eat what doesn’t. There are some fringe things, however, that have so many positive health benefits that the reasons to include them in your diet outweigh the reasons not to. To me it’s about lesser of evils for a greater good.

If you are a pasta lover, rice fiend, then turning to Paleo might be incredibly hard as the replacements probably won’t strike your fancy. Also, many Paleo versions of things like Pasta are loaded in carbohydrates and fat, which have different and sometimes equally negative effects on health and wellness as gluten might. So, in the case of pasta, eating a managed portion of quinoa in replacement of it, with it’s super high levels of great nutrients and protein per serving, is much better than most Paleo pastas out there, both in macro nutrient content and taste.

On your journey to better fitness it’s always good to learn and understand the basic tenets of Paleo and the philosophy of why beyond just losing weight. Anytime you follow a strict clean diet you are going to lose weight, but the health benefits overall are staggering. Choices have to be made on the fringe elements and you need to think about the overall affect on your health and fitness than what one individual meal or serving might do. Whey protein is an example of this. The need forpost workout protein replacement is so important for maintaining muscle and other tissue health that it greatly outweighs to negative affects of a dairy derivative ingested once or twice a day. I’m not advocating against Paleo at all, and for many following it strictly for the first 10-14 days of a clean eating switch is necessary, but I’m advocating for making your own choices based on what is best for your health and fitness needs.

Keep on the look out for more news on the lifestyle challenge for the whole community!




Core Work : 10 Minute Accumulated Plank
E 2:00 perform
5 Burpees
5 KB Sumo DL High Pull
5 Hanging Strict Knee to Chest or Toe to Bar


Conditioning: 4 Rounds
4:00 Each Rounds
Run 400m
15 Jumping Pull-Ups
15 Kb Swings 53/35


Strength : Low bar back squat
Find a 1 rep max


10 Squat Snatch 135/95
20 Power Clean
30 Pistols (alt)

S: 65/45 or 75/55 Power
L1: 115/75

Rx+: 165/115


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. 4 Rounds
Row 300m
7 Dbl KB Front Squat 53/35
5 Single Bar Muscle Up (must break each rep)

3. Snatch
2-2-2-2-2-2, 20s max per set

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