It’s Over!

Want Some of This?

Want Some of This?


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Paleo Challenge 2014 is over!!

Or is it?

You all have done an amazing job. 7 long weeks of sacrifice, change, education, and sometimes pain. Cheers to all who made it over 300 points. That is some very, very impressive dedication. For the rest of you, you still deserve congratulations for making the commitment and going as far as you did.

Over the course of next week when all the scores are calculated and everyone has their tests done we will announce the winners, the honorable mentions, the PRs, and all the accolades you all deserve. Until then you need to put the finishing touches on your logs including some who have some double submissions there (thanks Juice for the heads up) and any missing days.

Stay tuned on Sunday night for a new challenge…



Strength: Push Press
work to a max set of 3 reps

WOD: 5 Rounds
5 Wall Climbs
3 Rope Climbs 15′

*legless rope climb, 10′

SkWAT Team: Practice linking Power Snatch 75/55. Work on where you will be most comfortable, rebounding off your hips on the way down or going straight down and making contact or going straight up. This is an efficiency vs speed thing. While efficiency might look different than speed, if at 10 minutes you can handle the sacrifice for faster unbroken reps it might be worth the choice.

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