Jack Starts Friday!

Jack Starts Friday!

First event for Coach Jack “The J Man” Martin starts on Friday. From now until then I will get us setup so the community has access to the listening service broadcasting the entire competition without having to pay for each individual listen. This is a hopeful that will be further pursued tomorrow when registration opens for large groups. Worst case everyone buys in to listen with their own access and I work some way of reimbursement.

You better believe both gyms will have the Strongman Corp National Championships playing both Friday and Saturday, which are the 2 days of competition, ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Slight exag, but you get the idea. This is our guy representing on the big stage with a chance to qualify for the Arnold Classic in 2018. The Arnold is an international, pro style competition.

We are so proud of Jack. Now the big event is just at the beginning. The next 4 days have an incredible amount of stuff going on for Jack’s fitness life, let’s give him the support he deserves along the way!

Social media: letjacklift3 (IG), Jack Martin (Facebook), no idea what his snapchat is.
E- mail: [email protected]



Strength: Press


WOD : 30-20-10-20-30
Cal Row
Walking Lunge
Medball Squat Clean  20/14
Double Unders (x2)

S: 20-15-10-15-20, Air Squats not Squat Clean, Single Unders (same x2 as Double Rx)
L1: MB Squat, Double Unders x1

Rx+: MB Walking Lunge, MB Squat Clean Thruster



Lift : Snatch (hangs)

Accessory: Snatch Pull (110%+)

Conditioning : 30-20-10-20-30
KB Swing 53/35
Walking lunges
Situps (GHD if available)

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