1. How did you get started with CrossFit (in general)?

It was September 4 years ago we just had our 1st child and I had put on about 50LBs in Baby weight found my self close to 300lbs again and figured I would give CF a try.

Took a free intro class and was hooked from day 1

  1. What did you do before CF for physical fitness?

When I was in my 20’s I did ran some Marathons and did a few half ironmans. But just did them to do it. It was always about the challenge if I could finish vs. competing with others.

  1. Was CrossFit Lando your first experience with CrossFit? If no please share where you were before you came to us. 

I was at Avalon CF before Lando saved me and bought it from the one who should not be named.

  1. Favorite lift/movement/wod?

Lift- Back and front squats

Movement- Clean and Jerks

WOD- Any Long chipper that has Olympic lifting mixed in.

Also like wods that include rowing

  1. Least favorite lift/movement/wod?

OHS, Snatch. I have shitty mobility in my Left shoulder.

  1. What is your biggest/proudest CF accomplishment/moment?

Most recently when I got a HSPU in class. That was kind of awesome. Still working to get that 1st Muscle up 

  1. How did you find CFL?

You found me. 


  1. Where are you from/born/grow up?

Born Hackensack NJ

Grew up Swampscott MA

  1. What is your current profession or major/desired profession after school?

Beverage Sales

  1. Where do you live now?


  1. Tell us about your family in any way. Immediate (wife, kids) and/or parents/siblings.

Wife Michelle (D1 Rower at BU)- she is always shitting on me for my row times but will never come in and show me up

Maddie- 4 yrs. She loves music, Dancing and anything princess. She also loves swinging from the Monkey bars at the park. (wanna see video)

Connor- 21 months. He is a bro in the making. He is fearless and will climb up anything. Such a cool dude.

We will have a 3rd Baby Girl coming in March. The due date is St. Paddy’s day and I hope she comes on that day. Always a good excuses for a party.

  1. Anything about your job or family that you want to share?

I could not spend all the time in the Gym without the support of my wife. People always hear me saying “got to get the kids to school” but in reality its my wife that makes it all happen.


  1. Do you play any sports outside of CrossFit? Do you do any other kind of training, for health and wellness or for events (Marathons, IronMan, etc.)?

Currently I am utilizing a at home workout program called Core De force to help increase my core strength and flexibility. But the is a new program for me. I usually just do crossfit

  1. What other hobbies do you have non gym/fitness related?

Love going to the beach in the summer ( you can find me most weekends on the cape in west Falmouth) hope to start skiing again when the kids get older. 

  1. What major lifestyle changes have you made (willingly or not) since you began CrossFit? Any accomplishments you would like to share(losing weight, stopping smoking, curing disease or improvements in disease related to wellness)?

At 1st just getting to crossfit was enough of a change for me. Most recently when the Lando Crew took over I realized I needed to step up my game.  I turned to a meal replacement shake called shakeology and a eating plan called the 21 day fix. It has really helped me focus on portions and proper notion. I have seen a huge change in my weight and my metcon times have increased. Lighter, Faster stronger is how I feel over the past 60days since I started focusing on my Nutrition. It also helps that the programming is the fucking bomb… I want to get down to 225 by the time my daughter is born this spring.

  1. Share as you feel comfortable one dream or desire you want to or wish you could pursue? Be as wild as you want!

I wish I could be a craftsman working with my hands everyday. I have this crazy dream about becoming a wooden boat builder with a great shop right on the water. Work there all day, have my dog hanging out in the shop.  I have never built a boat a day in my life but working with wood and building things always makes me happy. Hard to do in Charlestown but one day I will have a shop in my house. 


  1. What is your favorite food?

Chinese Food 

  1. Have you done a CrossFit competition before?

In house Avalon Comp and Lando Comp. Love them wish I could do more. Please have more in house comps.

  1. Olympic Lifting , Powerlifting, any other fitness competing?

Played football in college.

  1. What would you give your best friend in all the world as a vacation if money and time didn’t matter? Vacation, not move or study abroad!

If it was me and my best friend (NOT wife) I would say a trip to Germany for Octoberfest and then a quick stop over in Amsterdam.  If I gave my Wife a trip it would be a month in France.

  1. What is your favorite car, either in general or that you have owned ?

A Bad Ass LandRover any day.

  1. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do/buy?

After everything responsible is taken care of. I would buy a crossfit gym so I would have a place to hang out and stay out of my wife’s hair when I get on her nerves.  I would need a Good person to run the gym and do all the day to day. I just need a killer office and lounge.  Basically I am looking to buy a clubhouse.

  1. What would you tell your pre-CrossFit self that is about to take the first class you did back whenever you did.

You are not going to be able to move your arms the next day. But you are going to get in the best shape of your life.






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