Lando Barbell Club Launches : Just The Beginning

It’s time to join the Club!

In what is the start of a whole new, additional way you can receive coaching in at CrossFit Lando we are thrilled to launch the Lando Barbell Club. With 3 different levels that give you access to new supplemental programming, community features, and coaching from your Lando Lifting Coaches, the Lando Barbell Club has something for everyone. This includes beginners, CrossFit only athletes who want to improve their lifting in the off-season strength time, all the way to competitive or hopeful competitive weightlifters and powerlifters with specific competitions in mind.

Learn about Club Level, The Next Level, and Podium Level access and how to get started. It all starts with your Assessment, then you are off and running.

This is just the beginning to many additions coming to CrossFit Lando in 2018, and sooner than later. With new equipment, new classes, these are just the start. Soon there will be more ways like the Lando Barbell Club to get specific training to more niche goals and training styles, and using new technology we will have never before used ways to give you access to your feature Lando coaches.

This is an exciting time in CrossFit Lando as we are adding this and many more programs and features like it. All our changes will be additions, with nothing being taken away from what you come here for at present. We are just going to be adding more ways you can learn, improve, and get fit the Lando way.

Be part of it.




Skill: Kipping the Toes to Bar and How to Improve With Scaling

Strength : Thruster

WOD : 5 Rounds, 3:00 on 1:00 off
14 Toes to Bar
8 Box Jumps 24/20

  • Start each round where you left off, score is total reps through all 5 rounds

S: Scaled TTB as learned in Skill session, Step Ups
L1: Scaled TTB as learned in Skill session

Rx+: Add 1 rep each break of TTB to current set, 30/24



Conditioning : 4 Rounds
Run 600m
15 Jumping Pullups
Row 500m
15 Toe to Bar
15 Box Jumps  24/20


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 21m
1: 15 GHD Situps + 5 Burpee
2: 1 UB Set of MU, or 60s MU work
3: 30s Front Rack KB Walk + Push Press, heaviest able


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