Lando Holiday Cocktail Party : Friday December 21st

Lando Holiday Cocktail Party : Friday December 21st


So it’s official. We are having a cocktail party to celebrate the holidays and the anniversary of Lando’s existence on Friday, December 21st. The location is still slightly TBD but only because we have 2 venues that are reserved and waiting on a few things to confirm. We will let you know where ASAP, but for now book the date in the ol calendar and get your outfit and dancing shoes ready!

Details to come.




Strength : Low Bar Back Squat

**Pause for 5 seconds in bottom of each rep**


WOD : 3 Rounds, each round 4:00, 2:00 minute rest
Row 500m
AMRAP Wall Ball 20/14
AMRAP Double Unders

  • Perform the row AFAP. Then when ready you do your biggest set of UB Wall Ball possible. When single wall ball set is done you have the rest of the time to accumulate double unders in as many sets as needed. Score Wall Ball reps x2 and add all 3 rounds with all 3 rounds of DU reps for score.

S: Row 400m, scaled WB and single unders
L1: Mixed DU scale

Rx+: Rower damper on 10/8



Core Work: 10m AMRAP
5 Barbell Rollouts
10 Windshield Wipers
15 Russian Twists with MB (each side)
20 Seated Press w MB
25 MB Thrusters

Conditioning : 3 Rounds, each round 4:00 with 2:00 rest
Row 500m/Run 400m
20 Box Jumps
then AMRAP MB Situps with remaining time


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Snatch Work
5×3 Squat Snatch

3. 8m AMRAP
8 Cal AB Sprint
3 TnG Deadlift, as able 365/245 or higher

4. Accumulate 2:00 in L Sit Hang from Pull-up Bar

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