Lando Presents a New Challenge


I’ve always had a severe dislike for the band Matchbox 20. For some reason, however, I’ve always had a weird thing for the song “How Far We’ve Come”. I blast it when I’m alone at least twice a week. Maybe you can call it a guilty pleasure, though I’m sure Chuck Klostermann would hate my use of something so simple and innocent to waste my guilty pleasure on. Maybe I’m just not that guilty of a person. Or maybe I’m a closet Rob Thomas lover. Or maybe I just openly love middle of the road, ramen noodle bland and salty, innocuous mid 2000’s pop-rock.

I’m now actually confused as to what I was writing about that brought me here, but I think the point was that it’s been 3 weeks of Paleo Challenging and how far have we come? When I sat down to write this I had just finished another Slaughterhouse Five time traveling experience I have from time to time (mine for some reason lack the naked alien zoo) where I wondered how I would look back at my present self 6 months from now. I know everyone is different and motivation comes from such a myriad of places that we can’t even start to consider the idea of streamlining it for a community as large as ours, but if I had a say in what would motivate all of you the best it would be this very way of thinking.

I am a big fan in the belief that we control 99.9% of our existence. That .1% lies in the fact that we cannot stop the passage of time no matter how hard we try. This can actually be of benefit to us because it means we don’t have to concern ourselves with moving forward. Time always physically moves us forward. It is up to us, however, to make our lives move forward.

Think about the last time you wanted something. In relation to our Paleo Challenge, think to when you wanted something pertaining to your fitness. Lose/gain weight, add strength, drop a size, get a PR, cut body fat, increase pull-up capacity, and so on. Did you get it? Are you getting there? In even 3 short weeks, blink of an eye time traveling, you could have come so far if you committed to it. Ahhhhhhh but that’s the thing. Commitment. The one and only, top dog of them all, highest point in the mountain range thing that makes or breaks our future self’s perception of the passage of time.

Life is a constant ebb and flow of opportunity and possibility. What beats us down and kicks us when we are at our weakest is life isn’t always fair. Our hardest work and our biggest commitment might very well yield not so desirable results. With what we do, however, in the realm of health and fitness, 99.9% of the time our results are reflective of our level of commitment. In this case if you want something bad enough and you commit your mind, body, heart, and soul to it you will get most if not all of your desired result. But commitment is hard in our realm. Hard work is hard. Present day society is constantly working against us. Friends and family don’t understand or follow along. Everyone means well (hopefully) but stand directly in the way of your commitments.

If I could take your hand, each and every one of you individually, and lead you step by step to your goals I would. Acting like the fullback to your running back, your lead blocker to your touchdown ball carrier, I would push and shove all the way to the promised land. 20# of weight loss, 15# added to your squat, faster 100 burpees for time, 2x bodyweight clean and jerk. Like the game Chutes and Ladders I would construct the chute pointed directly to your goal and Crisco that bad boy up so you get there in record time.

Unfortunately I don’t even remember how Chutes and Ladders is really played, and I don’t know if Crisco is even still FDA approved. Where you end up at the end of this Challenge, and by the end of April, mid Summer, or New Year’s 2015, rests solely upon your shoulders and the shoulders of your Commitment.

Life is a constant back and forth of equal and opposite reactions. At the end of the day you get the result of what you put in. At the end of your travels how you perceive your journey rests solely in your present day hands. Your challenge lies not in whether you can commit to yourself but to what extent you trust yourself to commit. Ponder that one for a second, then tell me what it means.

Time’s a wasting, let’s roll.



We are in week 4 of our current strength cycle. You want that 1rm PR at the end of the Challenge, keep putting in your work on days like this

Strength: Back Squat (low bar)
6 sets, 5-5-4-4-3-3

4 Deadlift 275/185, must be TnG, singles do not count
12 Pull-Ups
15 Box Jumps 24/20, full stand

SkWAT Team: 5m AMRAP, 10 UB Toes to Bar

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