Lando Wins As Usual in Lando v. Martin I

Lando Wins As Usual in Lando v. Martin I

My version of Saturday has me winning edition #1 of Lando v. Martin.



It’s about the atmosphere

The gym is one of those places where you go to escape from the “real world” for a little while. I try to surround myself with the people who give off the purest energy and not only want to succeed themselves, but show an interest in your success as well. An energized setting can do a lot for you and your fitness goals. I can attest to training alone, its not the greatest but I can get it done… but when I have the opportunity to train with my friends (whom I also compete against), it makes it a thousand times more enjoyable, and I work a hell of a lot harder knowing I have them to push me, and vice versa. Now, I’m not saying you should go scream at someone you don’t really know who’s trying to stand up a squat, but maybe cheer them on or even congratulate them on a successful set. It goes a long way.  So next time you walk into the gym, maybe give it a try, I can almost guarantee it will change your experience for the better.



– Stone load x 1 rep
– Keg clean and press x 3 reps


WOD: “Spicy Karen”
150 Wall Ball
– Every 50 reps perform 10 Deadlift 225/155

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