Last Ditch Effort To Get You To Sign Up

How tired are you of these posts? If you aren’t signed up yet, sign up and they stop!

The Reebok CrossFit Games are the Olympics of CrossFit, the Super Bowl of our sport, the pinnacle of near millions of men and women of all ages competing to be crowned the fittest in their respective divisions. In other words, The CrossFit Games, or “The Games” as they are known as, are the actual season for the sport of CrossFit. The Open is the first round of the season that leads to the Games.

Now you no doubt have read the countless “you have to sign up” blogs I have put out the last 30-45 days. Hopefully many of you just had blind faith and did. Those of you that didn’t I’ll be honest I never understand why. The Open is a series of 5 workouts that are released 1 at a time on Thursday night starting this Thursday. Each workout has a 4 day time period where you are able to perform the workout with a judge or video submission and submit it on the Games site. Your age and gender determine what division you are in, but you can see how to stack up against people in your town, state, profession, of course your box, your old high school team, whatever you want.

The actual reason I say you just should sign up, however, is really because you can. The winners of the Games this year will get $275,000 cash and a slew of other prizes along with unknown sponsorships and paid appearances for a decade that will set them up for life. CrossFit truly has professionals these days and they grow in number every year. There are thousands of athletes who’s job it is to workout and look good, prepping for this time of year each year for the chance at the Throne. But, despite this boom in popularity, an event in the Open that started in 2011 with 50,000 sign ups overall now with an expected 400,000+ this year, everyone is allowed entry as long as they have $20. All it takes is that $20 and a computer to sign up on, and you can compete in the same tournament, the same events, against the same people as the Tom Brady and Lebron James and Bryce Harper and Lindsey Vonn of CrossFit. Yes, I think that is cool, and a great reason to do it.

Now a lot of old school CrossFit people hate that last piece there, that we aren’t competing against the top athletes any more than playing catch on Thanksgiving is playing with Tom. Well at Lando we have a special situation where we have a pretty good competition history. In your midst are members who competed at the 2015 East Regional for the Operation Lando team, and you are coached and train with someone who has competed at these very CrossFit Games multiple times and the East Regional 9+ years running. So maybe you aren’t training with and competing against Mat Fraser or Katrin Davidsdottir, but ask any long time elite CrossFit athlete about Stacey Kroon and you will get stories from the 2009-2011 Games, the “Great Comeback” of 2014, and any ladies will fawn over the thought of her coach with the stunning good looks and charm.

Regardless of the actual why, every year no matter who partakes ends up being a memorable experience for those that do here at CrossFit Lando. You all know me as an often grumpy, hardly smiling PITA, but I get joy like none other from a first time Open experiencer getting a first WOD done, or a first MU completion, and that is something in and of itself. I said it once and will say it again, if anything it’s just $20, so what could be so bad if you end up not really liking it, or can’t really partake because you are gone a couple weekends? Full participation is not a requisite for a good time…I think.

We will be running the Open on Saturdays like every year, but really it depends on the workout for additional events or locations. All of this will talked about more tomorrow!



Strength : Press

WOD : For Time
Run 600m
60 KB Swing 53/35


Lift : Hang Clean and Jerk
– 10 minute drills and skills
– EMOM 8m : 1 Hang Clean + 3 Jerk, increase as able

Accessory : Press
– 3-6 strict pull-ups after each set

Conditioning: 3 Rounds
Run 400m
15 STOH 95/65
12 Hang Power Clean
9 Front Squat


The Program

1. Strength and WOD, make sure HSPU are Open Standard (width and feet height/contact standard)

2. EMOM 12m
1 Squat Snatch, heaviest able
2-5 Muscle Ups, stay consistent UB sets (better than burn out huge then singles by end)
1 Squat Snatch

3. 10-15 minutes personal warmup/weakness work OR suggested following work:

50 Strict Ring Dips OR 5 Minutes Max Reps
40 GHD Situps AFAP
30 Toes to Bar, fewest sets able
20 DB Power Clean 55/35 each hand
40′ DB walking lunge, single arm OH 40′ then turn and 40′ other arm

rest 2 minutes then 2 minute AMRAP Double Unders