Life Happened, Now What?


We’ve all done a Larry before. Maybe it’s twisting an ankle in rec basketball, or throwing your back out raking the yard, or faceplanting and breaking your spine jumping shit on a snow mobile. Whatever it is, life happens, and it happens often. What I want to discuss is how you don’t have to let speed bumps like injuries, travel, or unexpected schedule changes both temporary or long term make you unfit because you leave the gym.

Let’s get this out of the way first, that obviously as owner of these gyms I have a vested interest in members continuing their memberships. I hope that isn’t lost on anyone reading this or something anyone thought I would try and pass off as not important. I run a business, the business is my entire life, I want it to succeed. BUT!!! I want it to succeed because success is almost directly correlated with helping people live a better life through health and wellness. It’s a pretty solid win-win.

Now let’s say something like an injury happens to you. I’m talking sprained ankle, pulled back muscle, stiff neck, slight fracture of hand/wrist area. Obviously things like broken legs, torn ligaments, snow mobile sends require lengthy time off from a lot of things in life. I am not advocating ignoring what you need to get your life back on track, be it injury or schedule or whatever, but I am saying there are always options to allow you to continue with your fitness here.

The main thing that ends up causing people to consider leaving the gym for any period of time is minor injury like I have mentioned. First let me make my statement about the standard primary care doctor. Doctor’s are all to the person smarter than me with more education. I respect doctor’s of all practices a great deal. That being said, time and time again we have run into situations where a member comes back from a doctor visit with the mandate to cease physical activity for 4-6 weeks. Sprained ankle, wrist, broken pinky or toe, pulled back, eczema outbreak, doesn’t matter, CrossFit makes it worse. Without getting into the murky waters of coming off like I am insulting doctors (see above statements about their intelligence and education as greater than mine), I just want to say my purpose in this run down is to state that giving up physical exercise completely for an isolated injury will 100% of the time create more issues down the road.

What we can do is help you day in and day out to scale workouts to your needs. Bum knee? No squats, jumps, or running, but we can certainly do a lot with pull-ups, push-ups, planks, presses, static holds of various positions, controlled rowing, and the list could go on. Back problems? I can’t list due to time and space constraints how many bad backs have been fixed with the prescription of proper movement and strengthening of core and supporting muscle groups. My point is that there is rarely an injury situation that if you are able to live your life day to day cannot be managed by our coaches to allow you to continue or at least maintain your fitness. Without an injury would you ever consider doing nothing for 4-6 weeks? How awful would your fitness be after that, and how hard would the road back to status quo be just physically let alone mentally and emotionally?

Injuries aren’t the only issues, I know, but my point here is we are here to help you beyond just a stint to get to a level of fitness. This is a lifestyle choice and one we want to help with for life! Let us help you, it’s what we are here for, before you decide to just hang it up. This is your lifestyle choice, and a damn good one, so treat it with the importance it deserves : highest priority.




Core WOD : For Time, 12m Time Cap
Row 500m
40 Russian Twists w MB heaviest able
40 Wall Ball
30 Weighted Situps
30 Sotts Press w MB
20 Weighted V Up w MB
20 Burpee
rest 2:00
Row 500m
40 Air Squats
30 Situps
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups

WOD 1: 10m AMRAP
15 KB Swings 53/35
30 Double unders

Scale weight for UB swings, 60 singles. THIS IS A WOD TO WORK ON DOUBLE UNDERS. Cut yourself off at 1 minute each set.

Rest 10 Minutes

Burpee + Pull-up

Rx+: Burpee + Muscle Up/Bar Muscle Up


The Program : OFF