Lifestyle Challenge Re-Test Schedule




Canal Park Open retesting is limited to 3 per class time and NOT allowed at 7am, 530pm, or 630pm.

Woburn retesting has no limits to amounts but NOT allowed during 530pm class.


Retesting : I posted before the Opens (a few times) that people not in reasonable contention for a Team spot or Regionals qualification including Masters were not allowed to redo the workout other than special cases (mid wod injury, timer/judge error, gym explosion, etc.). There are A LOT of people asking to redo, so please pay attention.


If you want to redo the WOD a second time we are allowing it including first time around because you couldn’t Saturday. However, YOU MUST CONTACT ME AHEAD OF TIME for all cases. Just showing up at the gym on Sunday (Woburn) or Monday (either) is not allowed. While you are all surely rolling your eyes at me I hope you understand that a lot goes into programming and scheduling each week including coach’s warmups and how they structure the class. Random changes to that affects the quality of the class for everyone there and isn’t fair for the 100+ other members or the coach. 


Let me leave you with this. Obviously you care if you are signed up for the Opens so caring would lead you to wanting to redo the workout. However, there is a big difference from wanting to do better and actually being able to do better. Not to say that it doesn’t matter because if you care then it matters to you and to us, but doing the same workout twice in 3 days is detrimental to your fitness, and given the stress physically and mentally the Open WODs bring it will affect your training beyond just the day you redo it.


But what do I know.


If you want to redo the WOD at either location we will allow it moving forward but you MUST contact us before. You will be turned down if you show up without scheduling before.





Lifestyle Challenge Re-Testing: Tuesday, Wednesday



BootCamp Sprint


1. 6 Rounds
Row 500m
Rest 1:30 between efforts





Strength : Front Squat
Find a 1 rep max with 5s pause in bottom



15 Box Jumps 24/20 (full stand)
10 Pistols (alt.)
Run 200m



S : Scaled Box Jumps/Step Ups, Pistols, 5 Push-ups
L1 : Scaled HSPU


Rx+: 5″ Deficit HSPU



The Program

If you are retesting 16.2 let me know if you want to come in 2-430pm as we will have a solid amount of competitors there and can get a good atmosphere. If you are redoing, try to leave time to get some work in after, if even just to recover.


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. Deadlift
3-3-3-3, then Power Clean EMOM 6m, 3 TnG 


3. Row 750m, rest 1:1, 3x


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