Making the Donuts, Trying to Not Eat the Donuts

Making the Donuts, Trying to Not Eat the Donuts

Do you wonder why your gains in the gym aren’t as epic as they should be based on how hard you work?

Do you wonder why your gains aren’t as epic as your friend’s gains?

Do you just wonder why you work your ass off yet don’t look as good as you want?

Or do you ever wonder in a somewhat scared sense when the time is going to come and your doctor is going to tell you you need to get your shit together because you have the internal health markers of a dead person?

CrossFit Lando Nutrition can help.

Let me share a bit of a story, or stream of consciousness that ultimately I swear has some reasoning behind it pertaining to helping you with nutrition.

I know I sound redundant to many of you when I say the truth of the matter is nutrition becomes more and more important the older we get to all parts of our health and wellness. Want to look good? Want to feel good? Want to feel good when leaving the doctor after a physical? Yeah, it’s what you put in your mouth as much if not more than what you do at the gym. Now we help you out with the what to do in the gym part, but we can also help you with the what you put in your body too.


The Old People Were Right. I Am Now The Old People

Hit the gym? Good luck having the time, they would say. That’s why they looked haggered and terrible.

Then the ones who actually didn’t look haggered and terrible would spill that it wasn’t the gym anymore, it was how disciplined you were with nutrition. I would half assed listen because my ears where fully blocked with pizza. Just pizza at all times, no matter where I was. Work pizza, my apartment pizza, midnight pizza, morning pizza, pizza pizza. Screw those old hags and their ideas. All I needed was 5×5 back squats on Saturday and everything would be OK.

Shut up old people! That’s what my 25 year old brain would think when talking to these 35-40 year old geezers I had no need for let alone their pessimism.

Problem is, despite my best efforts I couldn’t stop the process of aging or passage of time. And wouldn’t you have it, eating pizza every day isn’t good for being healthy or looking good decent less than a step from being dead.

Suddenly I somehow gained like 100$. Sugar and gluten made me so sore I wanted to end it all, and that was without even working out after eating it. One day in the gym makes me feel like I am better off chopping my legs off then trying to let them recover because it would take just as long to recover as it would to sprout new legs. And this is only the past 5 years of 30-35. Yes, you young ones, it is this bad.


Nutrition is The Secret, Schedule a Consult to Learn How and Why

What is interesting is that while I have had this struggle as I aged to this fine wine that I am, my better half Stacey is still a physical specimen and she is the near exact same age. In fact she is in better shape physically than ever before, with more muscle, a lower body fat, and same weight as her years before.

The whole point of this meandering, tear filled walk down nightmare memory lane is there is a reason why someone the same age as me, who does the same training as me, pretty much sleeps the same amount and does the same other activities as me, but is a physical specimen and I am close am not. It’s the same reason why she didn’t go through such a dramatic up and down period for a few years after 30 that I did.

She eats better.

If you have similar struggles as I mentioned above, whether you feel old or not, believe me when I tell you when you eat right you feel a hell of a lot younger.

If you have any of the wonders or questions I mentioned at the start of this blog, schedule a consultation with us. We have a number of members who have lost 10, 20, even one at 30# to date. And if weight loss isn’t your goal and you just want to get yoked while still maintaining the same weight, well we got you there too.

Email [email protected] and schedule a consult today!




Strength : Squat Clean + 3 Thrusters (must fully complete clean then take thrusters as if all 3 were out of rack)

E75s for 8 sets, max weight


WOD : 100 Bar Facing Burpees

S: 75 Lateral Burpees Over Bar
L1: 50 Bar Facing, 50 Lateral

12m Time Cap


Lift: Power Snatch to OHS

Accessory: Snatch Pull
1 E30s for 4 Min

Conditioning: 5 Rounds
10 Bar Facing Burpees
5 Thrusters 135/95


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Snatch Work
From Lando Barbell Club : Power Snatch + OHS
Work to a heavy x2 in 3-4 sets, then heavy x1 in 3 sets

3. 4 Rounds for Quality
10 Walking Lunges, KB OH (r)
10 Walking Lunges, KB OH (L)
10 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Strict HSPU
20 GHD Hip extension hold plate @ chest 45/35
20 Banded Push-Ups, band around back



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