Member of the Month (Woburn) and Winner of Last Month’s Lifestyle Challenge : Suzy Rappaporte

Member of the Month (Woburn) and Winner of Last Month’s Lifestyle Challenge : Suzy Rappaporte

Remember the Lifestyle Challenge? Yeah seemed like last week, but was 6 weeks ago? THAT Lifestyle Challenge. Well we still have our fantastic winner, Suzy of Woburn, and her Outside the WOD profile for her Member of the month win for January, 2018. Check out our first Member of the Month for 2018, Suzy Rappaport! You will be interested to find out she does some pretty cool sh*t outside of the gym, like circus ropes training and a ton of hiking!


We are Open for classes, but Woburn people please bear with your coach who is driving a long distance to make it and roads still aren’t clear. We can’t know really until the morning and will update if anything changes. But open as of now.




Strength : Thruster
EMOM 15m : 1 rep (floor)


WOD : “12.4”
150 Wall Ball, 10’/9′ and 20/14#
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

Do not worry about the muscle ups until you get there. Scale to 3 jumping pull-ups or 2 banded pull-ups for every muscle up if the time comes. Being an AMRAP use this as a workout to work on wall ball to proper height and double unders.



1. Core Work : 5 Rounds, 30s each movement + 10s rotation
Single Leg Step Downs 24/20″ box
OH KB Hold (r)
OH KB Hold (l)
Half Push-up Hold
Burp Crunch

2. 5 Rounds, each movement 1 minutes
Wall Ball 20/14
Jumping Pull-up
Single/Double Unders
30s rest / transition back to top


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Build to 85% Snatch EMOM style (max 10 minutes)
then EMOM 8m : 1 Power Snatch + 3 OHS @ above weight

rest 4m then : 4m AMRAP Power Snatch 165/115

3. Core Work : 60s on, 15s transition to next movement
Alternating Single Leg Cross TTB (Kip allowed)
Strict Regular TTB


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