Members of the Month and “Thanksgiving Massacre WOD”

Members of the Month and “Thanksgiving Massacre WOD”

Check TRIIB schedule for hours. Pretty straight forward, however. Closed Thursday and Friday, back to normal Saturday.

I am very proud to announce our MOMs for both locations for November. Both of these athletes exemplify all that is great about CrossFit Lando and the community aspect of CrossFit overall. Without further or do, let’s go “Outside the WOD” with these two, but before let me announce that we are now awarding Member of the Month recipients with T Shirts that comemerate just that! They can show off how cool they are with their sick swag every day they come to the gym! Previous MOMs back to the first one ever will get a T Shirt, don’t worry!


November Member of the Month and “Outside the WOD” Profiles! Super excited about these two. I could honestly say the same thing every month and come off like an uninterested jerk owner but the truth is we have so many great people in this community. It’s why I love these profiles because it gives me just like you all just that little unique look into the lives of some of you and what you have done, currently do, and will do, and how CrossFit Lando fits in with all of that.


I can say with certainty that we could be open for 5 years and award a MOM like we do every month and 100+ deserving people would be left out. I go back and forth every month about this award because I don’t want people who might be working specifically hard feel they let us down or their hard work goes unnoticed. Trust me we put solid thought into this each month and know we miss many achievements. SO, HELP US OUT!!

GOALS/ACHIEVEMENTS BOARDS : Woburn started one and will continue with Charlestown getting one next week. Both will be spruced up and more actively used week by week. Get your achievements on there, brag a little, let us know your ass is shrinking from losing weight, or that it’s getting bigger in good ways because you are squatting small houses.

Also, we are now declaring nominations allowed for MOM from you all =. The decision will continue to be made by staff but if you feel there is one of your fellow Landos that is just crushing ass and taking names and you want them to be recognized just shoot me an email and consider them nominated! Email only so we don’t have people voting for themselves anonymously…

Last thing along these lines, we are developing a community page for sports and fitness events, competitions, achievements again for our community members to announce you are doing, update us on your training, and finally how it all goes down in the end. Obviously with 2 locations that are always growing we have a lot of fit, active people in our crew. Well it’s time that we all supported each other in endeavors outside of these walls too!

Now I’m not talking about your weekly 5k fun run, or the local beer league baseball game you  play in unless it’s a championship because Landos win Championships. But if you are going for a Marathon effort, or a 1st time half or 10k if that is long for you, or something like a big Spartan race, for the most part non-CrossFit related events that require a solid time and effort commitment wise. Obviously this is all relative, and yes it will be moderated however it ends up being published, but this is going to be a serious and very cool addition to our community.

When CrossFit was growing most of the people using it did so to train for something else that was their primary sport. Obviously this has evolved to it’s own sport and it’s awesome, but lets not forget that at the end of the day we are all training to be better at life, specifically and generally.

So next time you have that pit in your stomach level event you are going to start training for, let us all know. This the lonely 4+ months of sober weekends and questioning your decision making early mornings will be not so hard when you have 300+ of your closest Lando friends able to leave you notes and other ways of encouragement online or directly as you pound away.




Dan O’Neill (Woburn) : 

We all know Dan from his expose at the start of the Challenge and his amazing journey from 20# overweight to close to a 1 year goal in barely 2 months. Dan has become a good friend very quickly having worked with him on this goal and even inspired me to finally get myself accountable to my nutrition.

Just an all around great guy, Dan brings a focus to his time in the gym that shows his time serving our country as an elite Army Ranger. He listens, sets goals, and works tirelessly until he gets them.

Read more about Dan “Outside the WOD” here! Be sure ot congratulate him next time you see him on both this award and his continued amazing success with our nutrition program! Sidenote…we did not pay him (that much) to say the kind things at the end about Stacey and I. At least not enough, apparently, to not blow up our spot…





Lianna Altieri (Charlestown)


Not many members have the key to the castle. Lianna does, literally. She is so consistent, so on point, and just has that sweet, trusting look about her that makes me treat her almost like an assistant coach and gave her the code to the lock box so she can open the door when she gets there since she’s more consistent being there at 4:00pm than any of the coaches, with one of us being a main offender but can’t think of who he is exactly because it definitely isn’t me. Lianna somehow is early on days where everyone is late to everything. Not her.

Lianna is a holdover from our Canal Park days, so she has been part of some very important stuff in our history. Coachable is an understatement, as Lianna makes coaching her enjoyable to a point where we seek out the chance to help her improve.

Learn more about Lianna’s journey to CrossFit Lando in her “Outside the WOD” profile right here!





WEDNESDAY : All classes “CrossFit” and NO 7PM both locations. Closed Thursday and Friday. Check here each day as always, however, for Travel/Home WODs you can try with or without equipment, or lifting ideas with full on WODs if you have that kind of gym access.


WOD : “The Massacre” : 45:00 Time Cap

  • Unlike the “12 Days of Christmas” this workout has changed year to year so there isn’t a comparison link to go to. It’s just always long, unique, and a lot of fun. You have practically the entire class to do it so go at it like a “Hero” and earn a few days off and some extra food.

5 Rounds for Time, one round for each round of food you (should) eat:

50 Double Unders
20 Wall Ball 20/14
15 Deadlift 135/95
10 Front Rack Lunges 135/95 (5/5)
5 Wall Climbs
Run 400m

S : 4 Rounds, 50 Singles, 95/65 and regular lunges
L1 : 25 Double Unders, Regular Lunges but 135/95 for weight

Rx+: OH for lunges, 155/105


The Program

1. “Massacre”

2. Bench Press : 5-5-5-5
– Every round perform 5 weighted pull-ups after

3. Snatch
EMOM 12m : 2 Squat Snatch, perfect no misses

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