Mental Skills and CrossFit Workshop: March 1


As we spoke about a few weeks ago, Vanessa Akhtar is planning on leading a seminar on how sport psychology and mental skills training can help us with CrossFit in and out of the gym.

For those of you that missed it before Vanessa is a member of ours who is also finishing her PhD work in Sport Psychology at Boston University. She works with a number of high level athletes and has worked with teams as well.

We will be hosting Vanessa and a Mental Skills Workshop on March 1. This will last 2 hours. The cost has yet to be decided but it will be around $10-20. It is going to be open to members and non-members so if it is something you are interested in please shoot me an email at [email protected] ASAP. A commitment to sign up isn’t necessary until next week but anyone interested should shoot me an email.

How can a workshop like this help with YOUR CrossFit? CrossFit is all about goals. First pull-up. 100% Paleo. Make 5 classes in a week. Qualify for Regionals. The list could go on for literally pages and pages and pages. One of the many topics Vanessa will cover is goal setting and how CrossFit fits into your life regardless of your place with CrossFit. She will also work on techniques to handle those “I hate every movement in this WOD” days and balancing your CrossFit life with your non-CrossFit life (mainly family/friends and lifestyle). Hopefully you see that whether you are a weekend warrior or “casual” CrossFitter, or a serious beast looking to become the next Rich Froning/Stacey Kroon, this workshop has something for you.

Having had Vanessa work with me and one of the teams I coached in my baseball days I can attest to the power of sport psychology and how it can help anyone in any facet of sport and life.

This is a very rare opportunity that really won’t be offered anywhere else in this area. There are few if any places where you will find someone with the education Vanessa has who also not only understands sport but the different sport that CrossFit is, on top of it all being one of CrossFit Lando’s own.

Definitely something to look forward to!



Strength: Snatch

EMOM 12m: 1 heavy rep/attempt

Have some fun with this. We will spend a lot of time going over technique and then let it rip on this EMOM!

WOD: 21-15-9
Squat Snatch 95/65
Thruster 95/65



Important for Today: Squat Snatch demo and Squat Mobility

Squat Snatch



Wall Squat Therapy: The goal is keeping the arms extended COMPLETELY throughout the squat. Adjust your distance from the wall based on your ability to keep the arms locked out overhead


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