Mix It Up For Success

We promote the great thing about our CrossFit and BootCamp classes as the constantly varied nature of the workouts. One day you come in and it’s 21-15-9 of two movements that you wouldn’t think is that bad but is a 2:00-6:00 dance with a hell named “Fran”, then you walk in last Wednesday and realize I concocted a workout that some of you are still trying to finish. Most of the time you will come in and face a strength where intensity comes from lifting big weights (relative of course) then a workout of 10-18 minutes. This time domain is most common because it is where over the years the data you all have produced says intensity stays high for the greatest duration of the workout. This does mean in a way that 12-18 minute WODs, when programmed correctly, will give us the most bang for our buck fitness wise.

Still, hitting every time domain is important for a number of reasons. The varying volume we get in the different length workouts is important for how we develop, recover, and break through various plateaus. If you are always doing workouts that end up giving you around 100 reps of any given movement at low to average weight, then a workout with fewer reps and higher weight might totally shock your system in a way you need. “Keep the body guessing” is a joke phrase but grounded in truth. Anytime we do the same thing consistently our body gets used to it. This is usually a good thing when done right, like with nutrition and sleep, but when it comes to activity we need to vary what we do in all facets of our fitness to constantly be improving.

Our body is an amazing machine that adapts to whatever it has to, so always throw it something different on occasion. As much as you might hate it, long workout days where we WOD for 20+ minutes and have no strength in the class program are important for training low impact energy systems and occasionally getting absurd levels of volume done in one training session. If you are a marathon not the sprint kind of person then the “Fran” days in our schedule you probably avoid like the plague, but it is the kind of day you need to be hitting at least once a week. You will notice a positive improvement in your fitness overall and your performance in your activity and time domain of choice!




1. Hollow Rock for Peace
10 Rounds, 10s on 10s off, AMRAP Hollow Rocks
then immediately into:
5 Rounds, 20s on 20s off, AMRAP Hollow Hold
then immediately into:
50 Superman, 3s hold at extension


2. Conditioning
Row 500m
rest 1:00
Row 500m
rest 1:00
Run 400m
10 Wall Walks



Strength : Low Bar Back Squat
5-4-3-2-1, pause same amount as rep number in bottom of set


6 Front Squat 135/95
7 Ring Dips

S: 75/55, Scaled Push-Ups
L1: 115/75, Scaled Dips

Rx+: 165/115, Ring Dips from Muscle Up


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 10
3 Squat Clean, heavy
into EMOM 10
1 DB Complex: 2 Power Clean + 3 Burpee DL + 2 Lunge (each leg)
into EMOM 5m
6 Deadlift heaviest able TnG (315/205 minimum)

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