Mobility = Success

At CrossFit Lando we are big on mobility. Mobility categorizes the act of stretching, massaging, and otherwise changing the soft tissue in and around our muscles that helps us improve flexibility, decrease soreness, and prevent injury. We have a number of mobility tools around the gym. Bands and PVC can be used for stretching, lacrosse and medicine balls can be used for pinpoint massaging, and foam rollers can be used for rolling/massaging larger surface tissues.

You are welcome to use your time at CrossFit Lando for mobility work at any time. We do a lot of it in warmup and cool down related to the movements in classes, but you can also come in early or stay after class and hit some trouble spots that are specific to you. Always feel free to ask Stacey or myself for tips on how to improve your flexibility and alleviate areas that are painful or otherwise give you trouble.


STRENGTH: Overhead Squat



OHS 115/80
Abmat Situps
4’ Standing Broad Jump (width of mat or farthest possible)

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