Monday 1.7 : Donate Donate Donate!

Monday 1.7 : Donate Donate Donate!

We are coming up on 10 days until your favorite coaches, Coach Stacey and Coach Lauren, and Jaime T. from Charlestown, head down to Miami to compete at Wodapalooza, the biggest fitness competition in North America. Please think about donating to their trip! I will vouch for all these girls that they took on the responsibility of paying for the flights, 4 days stay, the $700 registration fee, and everything else completely on their own. Only when I mentioned how awesome our community is when helping out our own did they agree to a fundraiser.

You all know Stacey. She is the hardest working person any of us know, athlete or professional, and if anyone deserves this it’s her. Most of you know Lauren and she has been a wonderful part of our community for years and a new addition to our coaching staff and has been an absolutely awesome coach. For those of you who don’t know Jaime, she is a Charlestown member and a doctoral student in Physical Therapy at MGH, equally hard working as the other two ladies in and out of the gym. So this is a team of incredibly talented, incredibly hard working women and I think they deserve our help to get down to Miami.

Thank you!




Strength : Thruster
EMOM 10m : 2 Reps, taken from floor

Row 500m
20 Lateral Burpees over Bar
AMRAP Squat Clean Thruster 115/75

S: Row 350m, 15 Burpees, 75/55
L1: 95/65

Rx+: 135/95



Core: 21-15-9
Russian Twists (each side)
Jumping Squats
Lemon Squeezers
Hanging Leg Raises

Conditioning: Double AMRAP

6M amrap
Row 500m
20 Burpees
Then AMRAP KB swings 53/35 (full OH)

rest 4m then

40 Sumo DL High Pull with KB
20 Burpee + Pull-ups
then AMRAP Row/AB Cal


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 6m
2 Squat Clean, heavy start and increase to heavy
2 Heavy DL
right into 2m on, 1m off, 3 sets
5 STOH 205/145


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