Monday 11.26 : We Return!

Monday 11.26 : We Return!

Welcome back to the grind! It’s time to shake off that turkey and extra naps and get back to it.

It’s also that time of year where our calendars get full before we are even turning the page to the next month. Get December 21st down on the list. Friday from 8pm-12am will be the event of your holidays.

1st Annual CrossFit Lando Holiday Party. Friday, December 21st. COUNT ON IT!!!

Come alone, come with people. Bring significant others, friends, family. We want to get to know the you outside of the box! Everyone is invited. We will have a full bar, holiday decorations soup to nuts, music, dance floor, and other holiday themed fun (bake off, drinking games, karaoke, just to name a few).





 Strength : Front Squat

  • All heavy working sets 80% and higher. This means you warmup with the bar, then the first 5 is around 80% of your 1rm. Yes, that is heavy!! Your total increase from your first set to your last might only be 10-20%. The goal and purpose of these kind of days (90% of our lifting sessions) is to get stronger so we need a high level of volume of lifting meaningful weights!


WOD : For Time
21 Box Jumps 24/20 (full stand)
15 Squat Snatch 115/75
15 Lateral Burpees Over Bar
12 Squat Snatch
9 Burpee Box Jump Over
9 Squat Snatch

S: 75/55, Step Ups
L1: 95/65

Rx+: 135/95, 30/24 for set of 9 BBJO



Core Work: 45 seconds to complete 15 Burpees, then at 45s immediately start:

10s hollow rocks
– 10s rest
10s hollow rocks
– 10s rest
10s hollow ricks
– 10s rest
20s hollow hold
– 20s rest
20s hollow hold
– 20s rest
30s Russian Twist 20/14 MB
– 30s rest
30s Russian Twists
– 30s rest
60s forearm plank
– 30s rest
60s forearm plank

Conditioning: 15 Minute AMRAP
20 Box Jumps/Step Ups 24/20
30 Jumping Pull-ups
40 Double Unders/80 Singles
50 Hollow Hold Scissor Kicks (total)


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. 5 Rounds
5 Hang Clean 225/150
5 Back Squat
5 Bar Facing Burpees
rest 90s

  • Challenge the weight. Need to be able to do first 5 reps UB first round

3. 10m AMRAP for Quality
8 Uneven Squats, OH KB and Front Rack KB
15 GHD Situps

  • Alternate uneven KB each round