Monday 12.31: New Year’s Eve and Day Schedule

Monday 12.31: New Year’s Eve and Day Schedule

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Here you can read more about Wodapalooza, the competition that Coach Stacey, Lauren, and Jaime made their quest to qualify for. It is the largest international CrossFit competition outside of the CrossFit Games, and they did it! Now help them make it down to Miami to compete in January! Please help, every bit certainly does and these awesome coaches/members deserve it.


New Year’s Eve (Monday): Regular schedule through 5pm classes. No 6pm and 7pm classes, 5pm will be CrossFit at both locations.

New Year’s Day (Tuesday): Closed

Wednesday re-open with regular schedule.




Strength: Clean (and Jerk)
Find a 1 rep max Clean (any) and Jerk (any), done E90s for 10 total attempts

– Once you are at your limit with the Jerk, continue with finding a max Clean for at least 1 more attempt.


WOD : 3 Rounds
Row 400m (AB 20 Cal or Run 400m if full)
(60-45-30) Double Unders
(15-12-9) Deadlift 225/155
(30-20-10) Wall Ball 20/14
(15-12-9) Bar Facing Burpees

The numbers in () represent the 3 rounds. So the 1st round is Row/Run/AB, then 60 DU, 15 DL, 30 WB, 15 BFB, then 2nd round is Row/Run/AB and middle number, and 3rd round the last number.

S: 300m/15 Cal, Single Unders x2, 135/95 DL
L1: Mix Singles and DU, 185/135
Rx+: 275/205


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. High bar back squat

3-3-3 then emom 10m: 1 very heavy rep


3. AB 30s hard 30s average did 20 min