Monday 3.23 : LandoFit Challenge 2020

The LandoFit Challenge 2020 starts tomorrow, Monday the 23rd. Signup on Triib by following this link. It’s free and you just use your Triib account you sign into classes with each day.

All the rules and whatnot are on the page through that link. The simple explanation is signup, workout, drink water, sleep as much as you can, and log points each day. You can even log points a few days late if you forget or don’t have time!

The point of this is to just have something to keep us all a community. The gym remains open but I know some people cannot make it in. There will be WODs posted here each day as always but with home/no equipment versions as well. Do one of the posted workouts for your workout point. Hopefully we can all stay fit together during this rough couple weeks and then come back and hit the ground running.

Get signed up and start logging those points. If community togetherness and encouraging fitness in the face of disruption isn’t enough, the winners get free and discounted memberships!

CrossFit: GymWOD

Strength: Thruster
EMOM 10m: 2 Thrusters, from floor

12 STOH 95/65
9 Power Clean
6 Bar Facing Burpees

S: 75/55, 10-6-4 Reps, Regular Burpees
L1: 75/55
Rx+: 135/95


CoreWOD: 10m AMRAP
10 Lemons
10 Plank Push-ups
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Mountain Climbers

12 Push-ups
9 Jumping Squats
6 Burpees

Sweat : 5pm as always!

The Program: Reminder no extra work after class allowed. Come to Open Gym to get extra work in!

1. Strength and WOD

2. Snatch
EMOM 10m: 1 Squat Snatch

3. EMOM 10m
O: 5 OHS, 155/105
E: 5-10 Ring Dips

  • Be sure to disinfect ALL equipment!