Monday 4.30 : New Lando Barbell Club Programming

Monday 4.30 : New Lando Barbell Club Programming

Thank you to all who made it out to the Weightlifting Seminar on Saturday.

As has been discussed up to this past weekend, I am excited to announce that this week will be the daily announcement of new parts of what will make up the CrossFit Lando Barbell Club. This will include Weightlifting and Powerlifting. Each day will talk about a specific piece to this and sometimes unveil new parts of our daily offerings or things your membership gives you the ability to access focus on these fitness sports.

Weightlifting programming will be added to the daily blog (right here) soon this week. This can be done as a supplement to your daily workout in either Sweat, CrossFit, or Strong class. This is all in like I detail The Program should be for anyone following. Obviously you are allowed to do what you can. If you are interested in improving your weightlifting then we encourage you to do this programming every day you train. The focus of it will be for daily involvement, but like The Program it is understood that life and whatnot can keep us from ideal training schedules and invites you do follow how you can. Like many things in life, the more you put in the more you will get out of it.

Look for this to be added to the daily workout programming starting this week. Additional word on the programming and other specifics will keep coming, so stay tuned each day!

Here are some more quick hits on the programming piece of the barbell club:

  • Programming to be done as a supplement to class work solely for the purpose of improving in weightlifting.
  • Competing IS NOT a requisite or even expected, but it is certainly a primary purpose of the supplemental programming.
  • Regarding above, the programming will be cycled around local competitions. If you are interested in competing we will have more information on this coming this week as well.
  • You can start and stop any time.
  • All levels of lifter can follow, but you should have a basic understanding of the lifts and the technique required to improve. This programming is volume (repetition) building towards peaking for competition, but just doing the reps doesn’t make you better technique wise.
  • If you require more coaching for the lifts specifically you are encouraged to seek out a number of different avenues, which will of course be explained more this week.
  • Like The Program, it’s FREE!


I’m sure you have a number of questions. I urge you to ask away but also know that this week will bring a lot of information and soon.

Thank you for listening and I will be back with more soon. Let’s get at it this Monday!




Note on scaling today : Today’s WOD is meant to be FAST for what the work is. Scale the Handstand Push-Ups so you can do the given reps in 2 sets max. If you cannot with the scale you might usually do, scale to Ring Dips with bands to build strength in the muscle groups needed but moving quickly. FAST FAST FAST like a roadrunner!


Strength : Front Squat

  • Pause for 5 seconds at the bottom of the first rep each set

WOD : 12-9-6

Squat Clean Thruster 135/95
Handstand Push-ups
Bar Facing Burpees

S: 75/55, Push-Ups
L1: 115/75, Ring Dips

Rx+: 165/115, 5/3″ Deficit



Core : 5 Rounds
Run 200m
20 Barbell Rollouts

  • Measure your rollouts with a tangible object to reach to each time


Conditioning: 15 Minute Clock
3 Rounds: Row 500m AFAP, rest 1:1 after first 2 rows
– then after 3rd row perform AMRAP with remaining time
10 Burpees
15 Plank Push Ups (4-Arm to Straight Arm and Back)
30 Plank Knee to Elbow (Straight Arm, Opposite Knee to Opposite Elbow)
40 Double Unders/60 Singles


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Snatch
E90s for 15m
1 Snatch at 80-90%, no lower and no higher, no misses

3. Deadlift
8-12 Reps, 3 sets with 90s rest, heaviest able TnG

rest 3:00 exactly then

3 Rounds
25 KB Swing 70/53
ME Wall Ball 20/14, max 40 reps
– rest 90s

New to the community?

Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Lando!  The first step is to set up a no obligation, complimentary intro session where we take you through the essential movements used in CrossFit, BootCamp, or Weightlifting. We also answer any questions you may have about the program and put you through a short, intense WOD (workout of the day) to give you a feel for what we do.

Please sign up below and a coach from our staff will reach out to you with information.

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