Full schedule Monday and Tuesday. Limited evening on Wednesday.





Core Conditioning (Woburn)


Core : 5 Rounds
45 second forearm plank hold
10 pushups
15 situps
20 supermans


– 12 minute time cap


Conditioning : 4 Rounds
30 Double Unders/60 Singles
15 Box Jumps 24/20 (full stand)
10 Burpees





Strength : Front Squat/Back Squat
1 Front Squat + 3 Back Squat, find a max in at least 5 sets


– Perform the front squat, re rack, and immediately start back squats



WOD : For Time
Run 800m
40 Overhead Squat 135/95
20 Power Clean


S: 65/45, 600m
L1: 95/65


Rx+: 155/105



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. Snatch Work
EOM 14m (warmup before)
– 2 above knee hang power snatch, 1 below hang squat snatch. Focus on bar height through all 3 reps. Pause 3 seconds in hole of 3rd rep.


3a: 4×10 Cal Row, damper at 10/8, AFAP, rest :60
3b: 4×7 DB Deadlift 100/75, rest :60


4. 5m AMRAP : Toes to Bar, done in UB sets of 10+

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