Monday 8.5: Beer Mile Wrap Up

Anyone who still wants to bring $$ to donate to the Animal Rescue League of Boston we are collecting through evening classes on Monday. Bring cash moneys and toss it in the jar (Woburn) or inflated beer mug (Charlestown) and make a furry friend’s life better!

Beer Mile was another great success and awesome time. From the sprint finish between Molly and Mark (both of Charlestown) to the first time participant and relatively new members John (Woburn) making podium, it was a fun filled activity as always. We even had our first ever puke by seltzer this year!

Thank you all for the donations and for participating this year.


Strength: Hang Power Clean and Jerk
EMOM 10m: 2+2

15 Front Squat 95/65
15 Box Jumps 24/20

S: 10 reps, 75/55, Step ups
L1: 75/55

Rx+: 115/75, 30/24

Core: 10m AMRAP
20 Burpee Buy In, then AMRAP with remaining time:
10 Banded Twists (each direction)
5 Dragon Flag
10 Barbell Rollouts
15 Situps

Conditioning: 5 Rounds
Run 300m
15 Goblet Squat w KB/DB
15 Box Jumps/Step Ups

The Program
1. Strength and WOD

2. Deadlift : get heavy for 3 for 15 minutes

3. 10m AMRAP
15 GHD Hip Extensions
15 Push-ups
15 Russian swings, heavy

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