Monday Thank Yous

Monday Thank Yous

We had an amazingly fun event on Saturday. A great time had by all, with the top 3 teams all coming from Woburn.

Congratulations to 3rd place finishers Ryan Gill and Mike Ingalls, 2nd place team of Laura T and Long L, and our first place guy and gal team of Albert and Coach Lauren. Also congrats to Jaime and Brian of Charlestown with their HAM Performance of the Day trophies, and Coach April on her Spirit Award nomination and victory.

Thank you to all the people who competed. All 19 teams took the time out of their day to come throw down and give it their all, and we are greatly appreciative.

Thank you to everyone who helped out, especially shout out to Alex and Zach for doing quick duty when not planning.

Special thanks to my staff of coaches, Kyle, Lauren, April, Patrick, and new coach Sean all who worked the competition and competed. Thank you to coach Eric who a week from his wedding and knee deep in wedding planning still found the time to come help out for a few hours.

And even greater special thanks to Stacey. While the above all helped a great deal, and to a level we couldn’t do without, Stacey was helping for weeks before hand. Whether it was competitors who needed partners, a week before or minutes before, or people swapping partners upon others dropping out, setting up sponsors like Atomic Coffee and Connector Cafe for product and food during and after the competition, and myriad other things that come up when planning and running a competition. As always she did an unbelievable job getting this competition planned and put together while I played with high school kids during the day.

Thank you again to everyone above and everyone else who came and watched the competition on Saturday!




Strength : Thruster
Find a max 3 in 15 minutes (from rack)

then EMOM 3m : 10 reps from floor @ 55-75% above, athlete choice whatever able to get work done all 3 minutes.

WOD : 15-12-9
Squat Clean 135/95
– Run 400m after each round

S: 75/55
L1: 115/75

Rx+: 185/135



Core Work : 15-12-9
Plate Getups, heaviest able but light for speed
Russian Twists, each side, with plate
– Run 400m after each round

Conditioning : 15-12-9
Jumping Pull-ups
Weighted Situps 20/14 MB
MB Thrusters
– Row 500m after each round


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. High Bar Back Squat
5-5-3-3-1-1, work to a heavy single for the day

3. 4 Rounds
12 Single Arm Deadlift (70-100# for Male, 50-80# for Female, use DB or KB have object in between feet)
8 SA DB/KB Thruster (4 each arm)
4 Burpee Box Jump 30/24