More Lifestyle Challenge Awesomeness!





By now you mostly know that Jessica Ngui won the Lifestyle Challenge of 2016 with her amazing performance through the 8 weeks, both in points accumulation and improvements in the testing. While she deserves all the accolades she can get there are a few other people who deserve a shout out or two for their dedication and hard work.


A huge part of the Challenge is the points that people accumulate through eating clean while also maintaining a very integral supplement and water regimen for their fitness. Dan Umbro had the most points of anyone in both locations, and Ingrid Fickel was slightly behind him and had the most points of anyone at Canal Park. Joanna Vanden, Ryan Gill, Melanie Aiello, Amy Haroutunian, and Freddie Sabbs all were impressive with their point totals. Great work!


The fitness testing is where the real grace of the Lifestyle Challenge rests, showing with concrete evidence how clean eating, proper sleep, and regimented supplementation can all lead to drastic improvements in fitness and in a short amount of time. Our winner Jessica along with Melanie improved by 20# in the Power Clean which is unreal for 8 weeks. Ryan Gill and Joanna Vanden improved by 50 reps or more on the “14.1” retest, both at RX standards. Amy H gained 35# on her back squat and Dan Umbro improved by 15#. Freddie put 20# on his push press and Melanie trimmed over 10 seconds off her RX “Fran” time.


Great job by everyone who participated in the Lifestyle Challenge from both Woburn and Canal Park! It was truly amazing to see so many people dedicated this time around and to see all the improvements. Hopefully everyone learned a thing or two and can keep these lessons learned as your fitness journey continues!


POST OPEN NOTES : Tune in tomorrow for a comprehensive “what now?” for the after Open life. Don’t miss it.





BootCamp Sprint


5 Jumping Pull-ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air squats


rest 5 minutes


1. Row 2000m
Every 90 seconds perform 5 KB Swings, 5 KB Squats


immediately after 2000m perform 3m AMRAP Box Jumps 24/20





Strength : Front Squat



WOD : 21-15-9
Power Snatch 115/75
Overhead Squat
Hang Power Clean


S: 65/45

L1 : 95/65


Rx+: 135/95



The Program : Off day OR Class only


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