More on the Reebok CrossFit Opens


The Reebok CrossFit Season is upon us. Want to know how the Season works? Here you go:

It starts with The Opens. This is the start of it all. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world participate. Everyone has a chance to sign up. Rx, scaled, masters, high school, 100 years old, 16 years old, and everyone in between. All levels, all abilities, all everyone can play.

Starting February 27 a workout will be released every Thursday night. These WODs are just like the ones we do in class every day. We have even done some of them from years past the past couple weeks in class. You can scale them, RX them, whatever you feel you can just like you do in class. For 5 weeks you get to try out the weekly WOD any time you want from Thursday to Monday night. We will be doing them in classes on Fridays and you can make arrangements with us to try them another time if desired. You will enter your score online, I will verify it, and you will get to see how you rank in various categories (age, region, gender, and more).

Our gym has a team, Operation Lando, that will get ranked in our region based on our cumulative scores. Anyone and everyone who registers from CrossFit Lando can and should be on our team. Low scores don’t “hurt” the team, only good scores are counted, so even if you are new on your journey, or never really tried to Rx workouts before, you can give this a go and be part of the team! It’s a great way to participate in something with our entire community and with thousands and thousands of people just like us all over the world. To register just follow the link to the right on our website and make sure you are part of Operation Lando!

After the Opens the field is slimmed down a great deal to the CrossFit Games Regionals. This is where the big hitters play. The top 48 men and women from the Opens in their Region move on to compete at a 3 day live event. The top 30 teams also move on. Teams are scored by the top 3 men and women scores from each week of the Opens added up and measured against the other teams in the region, just like individuals.

Our regional is super cool because it is held at Reebok World Headquarters. It is the best regional setup in the world no doubt. Imagine the coolest sporting event mixed with the coolest weekend long concert festival, then multiply that by 10 and you have the scale of good time Regionals is. Both Coach Stacey and myself have had the opportunity to compete at Regionals before and I am sure I can speak for her in saying it is an amazing experience. Now, Coach Stacey has a bit more experience at this elite level than yours truly, basically because she is super awesome and I am washed up and got lucky a few years ago to be on an awesome team. This year it is almost guaranteed that we will all be cheering on Stacey again as she makes a bid to go on to the Games again, and maybe we will even qualify our team to compete there as well. What a weekend that will be!

After Regionals it gets silly, in an amazing, blow your socks off kind of way. From the regionals the top 3 men and women and top 3 teams (some regions send only 1 of each) move on to the Reebok CrossFit Games. The Games, as they are more often referred to as, is literally the competition for the Fittest on Earth. It is a 4-5 day long live event held at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, CA where the athletes are put through some of the most amazingly brutal events you will ever see. Last year the individuals rowed a half marathon. The year before they did a triathlon. Coach Stacey and myself competed at the Games in 2011, her as an individual, me as part of Team CF Fenway, and I can honestly say it was the greatest sporting competition I have ever participated in. The Games has become one of the hardest to get tickets to get hands on in all of sports. Last year they were sold out within 10 minutes of going on sale. It is the Super Bowl of CrossFit, just with way better weather and way more people sporting bikinis and board shorts.

Stacey has competed at the Games as an individual twice, finishing in the top 15 in the world both times. This is an amazing feat, not to mention that she has finished 4th in the Northeast Region 2 other times and 7th once as well. As her coach I am amazed every day at what she is able to accomplish as an athlete and am excited to see her go at it this year. If we qualify a team to Regionals it might be one of the most fun weekends of my life, getting to coach her again while coaching/competing with our team as well.

But first things first. Let’s get as many people from CF Lando signed up for the Opens as we can. It doesn’t matter if you will be scaling every WOD that comes out, you can be part of the team. As we get closer and CrossFit HQ releases more information on this year’s events we will be letting you know!

Skill/Strength Development: Handstand Push-ups

It is time to start really working on getting up on the wall and/or improving your HSPU strength. We will be spending about 10 minutes working on kicking into the handstand on the wall, handstand walking for those who already have HSPU, and getting first timers up on that wall! Then we will be doing some strength:

EMOM 10m
3-5 UB HSPU, hardest possible scale

WOD: For Time
1000m Row
75 Situps
75 Double Unders
50 Supermans
50 Burpees
25 Toes to Bar

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