Never Stop Never Stopping PRing

Never Stop Never Stopping PRing

We lift, a lot. No secret there. You come to a week of classes and you are going to lift multiple times a day. Strength time and WOD time. You come to Strong classes and you are lifting constantly. I love lifting. I love training people to lift. It is an amazing way to get fit and in a quick way.

Lifting weight is awesome also because it gives us a way to constantly measure our improvement.

Or does it?

I’m not quiet about my personal struggles with health, wellness, and my training. Worst thing is I picked about 8 years too late in my fitness focused life to go off the rails and try and come back because, as I talked about last blog, I’m no younger and feeling no better each day I train. This shit gets harder the older we get (and I know for those of you who complained about me calling people old that 35 isn’t “old” and really calling anyone “old” sucks even though there has to be an age where it’s actually just a real descriptor but whatever, I apologize for anyone I offended. I actually feel like trash often times and therefore feel “old” which means it as a descriptor applies to 35 in my mind).


Tough thing about fitness that is measured at a constant rate like ours is we all tend to hit a peak. Sometimes we are able to peak and valley and peak again. Usually us normal humans, however, tend to peak and then valley for the remainder of our lives. Even the elite of the elite like the one that walks among us have an all time high they reach at some point.

This is depressing as shit to think about.

Or we can reframe our thinking and rather than be depressing as shit actually make the best with what we have.


Lifetime PR Versus Training/Cycle PR

Rather than see our training lives as one constant case of “what I used to do” every time we hit the gym, the better way to look at it is your current training situation as a specific time to measure yourself against. Maybe it’s when you got back into things 4 months ago after a 3 months break. Maybe it’s your return from a serious injury/layoff that saw you get 50% weaker and lose/gain a bunch of weight the wrong way. Maybe it’s just a shift in mindset, from a self that really pushed as a competitive fitness athlete to a self that is more balanced in life but still really likes to push it in the gym.

I recommend even smaller pieces. We max out every 7-12 weeks, sometimes 6, I think the most ever was 14 weeks and that’s when I really lost my mind. So we have tons of PR opportunities in a given year. Hell a year is a great training time frame to measure.

Whatever it may be I urge you with the backing of personal experience to keep yourself focused on present/recent past for your PR collection. Lifetime PRs are always great to have, to hold up on the mantle of your greatness, but damn if they’re not harder and harder to get to as the days go by. This shouldn’t dissuade us, however. They should be a source of pride, with our current training as the carrot that we chase day in and day out.

Long story short, like my friends Rae Sremmurd say, “unlock the swag, the swag unlock”…the second part of that isn’t really relevant, but seems silly to quote a song and not use the full line that is the title. But what I mean is unlock the swag every day. You might not hit your lifestime PR every day, but you can certainly bring your swag in and go for a PR based on your last time you maxed out the given lift you are doing for that rep scheme. Shit in that sense you can try and PR every damn time you get in to lift!

So much of life is about how we frame it in our heads. We can look at everything like our lifetime PRs, an old mountain too high too climb in our present days. Too old, too tired, too sore, too worn out, too busy, too cluttered, too weak, too meak, too much of a pansy, whatever the reason we have plenty of toos in our lives. Toos come from how we frame that which we do in our lives. From our accomplishments to our actions yet to be, how we frame it in our conscious is the most important thing we can do. This is what drives us, what gives us the extra what have you to accomplish that which is great. It’s what allows for the PRs in our lives to come no matter the odds, no matter what we have to accomplish, and no matter what we accomplished before.

Each day is a new day to PR. You know, carpe the diem and that shit.




Strength : Press


8 Broad Jump, 6/4’
8 Box Jump 24/20
8 Hang Power Clean 115/75
8 Ring Dips

S: 8 Lunges for Broad Jump, Step Ups, 75/55, Push-Ups
L1: 95/65, Scaled Dips

Rx+: 30/24, 135/95, Dip from MU



Lift: Push Jerk + Split Jerk

Accessory: Press

Conditioning: 8m AMRAP
8 Box Jumps 24/20
8 Hang Power Clean 135/95
8 Overhead Squat


The Program : Off

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