New Classes : What You Need to Know

New Classes : What You Need to Know

It’s that first day of school feel around both CrossFit Lando locations. Here is a quick description of all the changes to help ease the tension and uncertainty, like seeing your best friend had saved you a seat in the cafeteria for first day lunch when all you could think of during the first 3 periods was how you were going to be sitting alone and in the corner, destined to sit at the odds and ends table from freshman year on…

…not that I know anything about such a table or experiencing your only friend from your hometown at your new private all boys high school specifically NOT saving you a seat on the first day because he sat with his football buddies, leaving you to sit at the first table by the door so everyone came in and saw you sitting with a group of randoms you clicked with so little you didn’t even learn one of their last names before graduation 4 years later. It’s fine though, sitting alone with your thoughts for 30 minutes each day unable to talk with people you considered friends for the only time you had each day that was not monitored by overzealous Catholic ideology is really good for a 14-18 year old boy…


Description of Changes

Be sure to check the schedule for Woburn and Charlestown. There ARE time changes and program changes every day of the week!!!

We are a CrossFit gym, and we will continue always being a CrossFit gym. Like Lutheran is to Protestant, CrossFit is to HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. This is our bread and butter, and HIIT is the basis of all our classes as it always has been.

The new schedule will consist of 3 Core Classes, all following the Core Programming and the HIIT model. They are CrossFit, CrossFit SWEAT or just SWEAT, and CrossFit STRONG or just STRONG. If you have ever taken a BootCamp class, or in Charlestown a LiftingWOD class, the two new classes are re-imaginings of those former classes.

The 2 key parts to these changes are what make it really fun and exciting:

  1. All classes follow the Core Programming. Written by yours truly. Similar to how The Program competitor programming, which is also being reformatted for the new season starting next week, follows and adds to the programming for CrossFit classes, now all classes offered at both Lando locations will follow the same programming line. That means you can mix and match classes to your desire or need and not miss a beat. Sweat class is a more conditioning oriented CrossFit class (also called a BootCamp) with Strong falling on the other end of that spectrum as a heavier, more weightlifting centric CrossFit class. So whether you are a CrossFit purist who needs a day with less loading to rest an achy back without skipping a work day, or want to work on your olympic lifting a bit more but don’t want to miss the WOD, now you can do this. It also allows you to stick with just one type of class and still get the same experience as the core CrossFit classes, with the WODs being parallel through the 3 classes.
  2. Monday thru Saturday has both CrossFit and one of the other classes in prime time slots. We truly feel these new classes are on par with what CrossFit Lando has come to be known for in our program design and programming. These changes allow for more options beyond core CrossFit classes without getting away from what we are as a gym. The way we see it is the more opportunities you have to work on your fitness the better, and these changes truly bring this through.


For more detailed class descriptions check out each on the website main page. The basics are that Sweat classes have more focus on core, conditioning, and bodyweight gymnastics. STRONG classes are more lifting focused. Sweat classes will never have a barbell in them, Strong classes will. Both of these alternative classes will always have suggestions in () for how to scale up or down relative to the workout. Come try out each one in the coming weeks, and get excited for new opportunities with your fitness.

When it comes to posting the workouts, it will be similar as it was in each class type will be posted separately on the same Daily WOD page…as in right here where you are! Be ready for a new level in your CrossFit Lando experience.




Activation (Hips and Shoulders)
Mobility (Hips and Spine)

Every Minute on the Minute for 12 minutes
6 Kettlebell High Pull
6 Medball Seated Press
6 Burps

– Scale so you can complete a set number of reps each minute for all 12. Duration is key!

20 Jumping Squats (10 Pistols each leg)
10 Burpees
20 Medball Shoulder to Overhead (20 Wall Ball)
80 Single Unders (40 Double Unders)
Run 800m



STRENGTH : Power Clean

WOD : 3 Rounds
10 Pistols ( each leg)
10 Burpees
20 Kettlebell Swing 53/35
40 Double Unders
Run 800m

25m Time Cap

S : 10 Jumping Squats, 35/26, 80 Singles, Run 400m
L1: Scaled Pistols

Rx+: 70/53


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Row 4x500m, rest 1:1 including after last, then run 10x200m, rest 1:1

3. 75 GHD Situps for time

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