New Equipment, New SPRINT Classes, More on Weightlifting

New Equipment, New SPRINT Classes, More on Weightlifting


  • If you are interested in more on the Lando Barbell Club including how to get started with separate programming to supplement your training from classes and private instruction via 1 on 1 or Facebook Group, check in tomorrow.


New Equipment and Classes

  • Some of you might be familiar with some of the new gear we have coming this week. If you aren’t you are in for a treat! Both CrossFit Lando locations will be receiving 6+ Assault Air Bikes to be used in classes, outside of classes, anytime like all other equipment!With the new bikes will be a new SPRINT class that will be conditioning focused 30 minute classes of non-stop cardiovascular endurance work. These classes will be great for anyone looking to just do some cardio work, or add aerobics into their training of a more precise nature.


Bring on the week!





Strength : Front Squat + Lunges
5 Sets of 2 Front Squat + 2 Lunges (1 each leg)

  • Taken from rack.
  • Find a max in 20 minutes


WOD : 10 Minutes, score is total reps of last couplet
3 Rounds of
70 Double Unders
3 Wall Climbs
then AMRAP
6 Hang Split Snatch 115/75, alt feet
12 Thrusters

S: 125 Singles, 75/55, 2 Wall Climbs
L1: 70 DU or Singles, or 35 DUs, 2 Wall Climbs

Rx+: 135/95, 4 Wall Climbs



1. 5 Rounds total, 20s on/10s off (transition FAST)
– Alternating Straight Leg Lowers, MB anchor (on ground OH)
– MB Toe Touches, legs at 45 degrees from floor
– Russian Twist + Seated Press, 2 (each side) + 2
– Plank Push-ups

2. Conditioning
10 Minutes
Run 800m
then AMRAP
50 Double unders
3 Wall Climbs

rest 3 minutes then

7 Minutes
Run 800m
50 Supermans
50 Situps
Burpee + Pull-ups with remaining time


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 10m
1 Squat Clean + 1 Power Clean, heaviest able

rest 2 minute then right into EMOM 8m
3 High Bar Back Squat

3. 10 Minutes
3 Deadlift 315/225
10 GHD Situps
rest 30s