New/Old Tracking System WODify is Here/Back

New/Old Tracking System WODify is Here/Back

Yes Landos new and old, your prayers have been answered. We are switching (back) to WODify for performance tracking soon this week. This has been in the process for a few weeks as I have been working on it behind the scenes, with a huge assist form the WODify team, and we are just about ready to launch.

The reasoning for this is a few fold. As a system it is just better and that is all that matters. This is not a knock on TRIIB as they are still the system we use for POS and membership management as they are a superior system for that. However, the transition from WODify to TRIIB performance tracking was never good for a few reasons that were out of the TRIIB team’s control. I truly believe in them as a company and they were nothing but helpful, but I had to make the decision to go with what is best for our community, and WODify is simply the best for performance tracking.

If you had an account with WODify you will just pick up like you never left. The past 6 months of data in TRIIB will unfortunately NOT be transferred over, but you will be able to manually enter it if you like. All your old data, however, from WODify WILL be in your account just like you never left. Then all the new things you put in will just go into the proper places and track you performances like good ol’ WODify did so well. It’s a simple merging of a new account you will get once we go live and your old account, something it will ask you to do and it will do for you with nothing done on your end.

Those of you who are new since we switched and never got a WODify account, you are in for a treat! Yes you will be starting anew data wise but similarly you can enter data manually from your time so far. It will be much less work than you might feel, but any work is worth it with how good a system WODify is.

I want to personally apologize for this issue the past few months. As a business owner I went with information that turned out to be misleading from someone that left TRIIB right after they gave me the bad info. I was trying to bring everything under one roof for our data management and tried to stick through the difficulty in software changes. However, at the end of the day WODify had a better product and I had to make the decision that was best for our community. That being using WODify for performance tracking and TRIIB for membership management.

For all of you, nothing is going to chance in your daily routine. Only what you use to track your workouts. You still use TRIIB to check in to classes, change payment info, and still check in when you get to the gym and enter your performance info at the gym, an app, or at home. However, the last thing there, the performance tracking, is done through WODify not TRIIB. WODify is incredibly intuitive, which is part of why it’s so good, but as always we will be able to help you with any issues and questions you might have.

The official live day might be as early as tomorrow, or a few days later. The 100% definite is this week, just not sure until we open on Monday how far along we are in the finalizing launch. Good things coming regardless!! Thank you as always for sticking with us. This is a great change for our community!




Strength: Overhead Squat

WOD : 3 Rounds
12 Power snatch 115/75
12 Broad Jump 6/4’, using

– AFTER 3 Rounds

Run 600m AFAP

S: 75/55, 12 Jumping Squats, Run 300m
L1: 95/65, Run 400m

Rx+: If you break up snatches, 5 bar facing burpees. 125/85#



Core : 4 Rounds
15 weighted Situps
20 Russian Twists
24 Single Leg Knee to Chest, alternating
Bike 20/17 Cal

Conditioning: 3 Rounds
12 “Strict” Burpees (plank to pushup)
24 Walking Lunges
36 Swings 53/35 OH
– After 3 rounds, run 600m


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 10m
3 Squat Clean, heaviest able

rest 3m then into : 7m AMRAP
3 Rope Climbs
10 GHD Situps
5 Heavy, heavy KB Swings

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