New Programs Coming Early August!!

New Programs Coming Early August!!

New Programs Coming : Lift, Strong, and Sweat!

In a few weeks we will unveil some new programs that will be next level at both CrossFit Lando locations. A redesigned LiftingWOD class, new spins on the current BootCamp, and introducing a Strongman/woman oriented class. All will follow the same High Intensity Interval Training our award winning CrossFit program already follows, just with unique pieces to each that make for a truly wide ranging program offering for both Charlestown and Woburn locations.

Stay tuned for this big unveil including new coaches to our star studded roster. For the time being, the Tuesday/Thursday LiftingWOD classes at both locations will be BootCamp or CrossFit. Check the schedule tomorrow (Thursday) for the temporary changes.



Summer Social Frydaise

Dave and Buster’s in Woburn. 8:30pm – Whenever. Last week was great at Monument. Let’s keep it going!




Strength : Split Jerk

WOD : 14 Minutes to complete:
Run 400m
35 Wall Ball 20/14
Run 400m with Medball
35 Wall Ball
Run 400m
then AMRAP Handstand Push-Ups with remaining time
S: No medball for middle run, Push-Ups AMRAP
L1: Clapping Push-Ups AMRAP

Rx+: 3″ Deficit HSPU (45# Bumper Plate)

The Program

– If you trained through the week then take this off as usual. If you took time off over the 4th then do the following as active recovery to get back into the swing of things but not ruin the training week

1. Split Jerk
2-2-2-2-2, all @ 80-85%

2. Every 3:00 for 21 minutes
Row 15/12 Cal
15 Thrusters 95/65
21 KB SDLHP 70/53

3. 50 Strict HSPU


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