New Schedule for Both Locations!

As announced last night we will be adopting a new schedule on June 26th, which is next Monday. An esteemed colleague of mine suggested, however, that announcing the schedule times before we actually change to it would just confuse people and cause chaos this week. That’s why you have good employees! So we will be moving forward with the schedule change next week but won’t be announcing times and changes until later this week.


Hints: Mornings are staying the same, BootCamps are being normalized through the Noon hour, evenings are adjusted slightly.


New Season: Monday starts the new programming season. This is applicable to everybody. This means some different focus for strength and WODs as well. All that will be different for you is your approach which we will always explain in the post and in class. Getting strong and sexy time!





BootCamp Sprint


1. Core Work : 30s max efforts, rest 30s after each to transition
– Mountain Climbers
– Seated MB Press (feet off floor)
– Russian Twists
– Plank Push-Ups
– Hollow Rocks
– Supermans


2. Conditioning Test : 2 Rounds
Row 600m
100 Double Unders/200 Singles





Strength : Low Bar Back Squat



– Goal here is find a new 1 rep max PR back squat. Classes will warmup accordingly to get CNS prep. Your focus is a PR.



WOD : 21-15-9
Power Clean 135/95
– 3 Wall Climbs after each set


S : 75/55, Jumping Pull-ups
L1: 95/65


Rx+: CTB Pull-ups



The Program


This week is focused on setting new testing marks to work off of. Volume will be limited early in the week. Stick to it.



1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. Yoke Carry : 5×50′, max able no drops


3. Turkish Getups 53/35, 10 each side

New to the community?

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