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A wise man recently told me that “life ain’t easy, so make it easy”. I feel it is the best advice I have ever had.


The picture above is of Marek. He joined 2 weeks ago, had no actual CrossFit experience, yet came to the lifting workshop ready to learn. He has some mobility issues, but in less than a half hour was incredibly improved and making strides every lift.


I was very impressed seeing him walk in the door ready to lift. The hardest thing about what we do with CrossFit is accepting that we probably won’t be “good” at it at first, and maybe never! There are two ways we can go about improving our fitness. We can hide from it, avoid classes that have movements we suck at and usually hate, or we can work at it. I know it’s cliche but nothing worth doing comes easy. Not that it isn’t worth having a few easy things in life to let you shut down for a bit and just exist without the pressure of performing. It’s why I love video games.


Ultimately it doesn’t matter to anyone or anything other than yourself for how hard you work at your fitness. Yet I am truly a believer in synergy especially in terms of your daily progress. Our workouts lead to improved self esteem which leads to better interviews or meetings or coffee with our significant other. We know its true. So why not make everything better by being the best you can be in the gym? Or why not just try and be the best at everything you do?


I’m not saying make massive changes to what you are already doing, but at least try your hardest to make life easy. It starts with effort, and if that is true it ends there as well.








Woburn : Low Bar


Canal Park : Clean
Find a 2 rep max



WOD : For Time
Run 400m
40 Burpees
40 KB Swing 53/35
Run 400m



The Program


1. Strength and WOD (squat)


2. Clean Work
Find a max TnG Squat Clean + Power Clean and Jerk


3. Find a max Yoke Carry, 50′


4. Row 1000m AFAP

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