New WOD and Blog Sections

New WOD and Blog Sections

Competition T Shirts are finally in. They will be inventoried and ready to go home with you by Friday!

To go along with the new programs for our community I am introducing a new way the blogs will be sectioned moving forward. While I know my wit and endless knowledge I fill these pages with make for nightly appointment reading here at, I accept that there are those of you heathens who don’t like scrolling through the treasure trove of historically significant musings I post. Now that I have added more than twice the amount of workout content to each day, the WOD posts could get a little cluttered while important information gets lost in the shuffle. I genuinely like to write and share the inner workings of my psychosis daily thoughts, at the end of the day the focus of this blog, business, community is delivering you the best fitness there is this side of the Olentangy. That is tough to do if you can’t find the workout and descriptions day to day.

Starting now, the WODs and related information will be separate from blog. Pertinent information about the programming for the day will stay on the WOD post for easy education and tips for your workouts, with additional Lando related content like schedule changes and event announcements. This very blog post is an example of Lando related content that would be with the WOD programming post. The more expansive writings I hope you all have grown to love, or at least get some enjoyment out of, or at least not hate with deep emotion, will be what the “Blog” section is for.


I made it pretty simple. “WOD” is where you will find the programming and all related pieces to the training pieces of that day’s programs. Additionally there will soon be relative media. Behind the scenes we are in the process of building a media library containing everything from quick movement examples to mic’d up coaches to behind the scenes moments of seminars, podcast setup, programming meetings, etc.

“Blog” will be where the more expansive writings of yours truly will be housed. If part of these explosions of the mind contain relevant and helpful info for the daily work there will be links both ways to make the use seamless as can be. The best part of this new organization quite possibly might be the perfect fit for additional contributors to the blog from our staff and even any of you with knowledge you want to share. The possibilities are, serious time for a second, really endless.

As always the future is bright for this community and we are always looking for ways to make your experience better. I truly hope we achieve this each day.




Strength : Squat Clean + 1 Jerk (last rep on multi rep sets)
EMOM 12m
1-4 1 rep
5-8 2 reps
9-12 3 reps

* Try to find a heavy weight that you can keep throughout or change little and remain challenged.

WOD : 4 Rounds
Row 500m
15 Toes to Bar
Run 400m
5 Wall Climbs

S : 3 Rounds
L1: 10 TTB, 3 Wall Climbs

Rx+: 7 Ring Muscle Ups for Wall Climbs
Warmup : 2:00 on 1:00 off, 3 rounds
10 Burpees
10 Roley Poley (on clue how that’s really supposed to be spelled)
10 Air Squats
HS/Wall climb/plank hold with remaining time

Core : 3 Rounds, guided by coach
10 Knee to Elbow (each side)
20s plank hold
30 Situps
30 Superman
40s plank hold
rest 1:00


Conditioning : 4 Rounds
Row 500m
15 Knee to Chest (TTB)
Run 400m
5 Wall Climbs
10 Jumping Pull-ups


The Program

1. Strength and WOD with MU

2. Front Squat
a: EMOM 5
1: 2 @ 60%
2: 2 @ 65%
3: 2 @70%
4: 1 @75%, rest 20s, 1@75%
5: 1 @ 80% and 85%, all in same minute

Rest 2 full minutes then


1 @ 90%, increase by 2% each set until failure

3. 8 Min AMRAP
30 Double Unders
20 GHD Situps
10 Pistols (alt)
5m HS Walk (SPRINT)