Check Schedule for Evening Classes




Due to facility maintenance we have to close the gym for the afternoon and evening at Canal Park. This is just this Friday. We have increased the class cap to 20 for the morning and noon classes so try and get in if you were planning on evening but have flexibility. We greatly appreciate your understanding with this situation as it is the best case with what we had options wise.


On the subject of gym closings, July 4th weekend is quickly approaching. This is one of the best times of the year and a special occasion in the Landes family for over a decade. When I opened my first gym with my sidekick Stacey we agreed there are 3 times of year that are uniquely special to both of us mainly because they revolve around family. These times we agreed would be extended breaks at the gym to allow for us to get maximum time with family and as we grew the same ability for our staff. While I know us being closed for 2-3 days at a time is frustrating for many of you, I assure you it is always done with the idea that staff will come back with renewed energy towards their job.


Long story short, thank you all for understanding when we close next weekend and it’s all for the greater good of our whole community!


Plus I want to draft Jack for my whiffle ball team to bring Team Lando back to glory in the Landes Family Way Too Serious July 4th Whiffle Ball Championship. Team Lando started the tradition a decade ago with a 3-peat, lost in the championship game going for our 4th, then went back to back again, but have been dry ever since. I am holding tryouts next week for anyone who wants to partake in what is a fun summer game for 99% of people but in this situation will involve you being berated for failure and possible assaulted with whiffle balls and bats. Of course I’m kidding, I would never risk losing a ball.






BootCamp Sprint


1. Core Work
7 Lemon Squeezers
7 Hollow Rocks
7 V Ups
7 Scizzor from Hollow Position, each leg


2. 3 Rounds
2:00 Max 50m Sprints (row or run)
:20 transition
2:00 Max KB Swing 53/35
:20 transition






Strength : Push Press
Find a 1 rep max, try and PR



WOD : 3 Rounds
20 Hang Power Snatch 95/65
20 Toes to Bar
80 Double Unders


S: 65/45, Power Snatch, 120 singles
L1: 75/65 Squat, 40 Doubles


Rx+: 115/75



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2a: 3×4 Snatch, heavy Tng, rest :60
2b: 3×3-6 Bench Press @ BW, rest :60
2c: 3×75′ HS Walk for speed, rest 2:00



3. EMOM 5m
3 Deadlift, Heavy

Rest 1 full minute after 5 then

3 TnG Squat Clean

rest 1 full minute after 5 then

5m Max Clean and Jerk 225/145

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