No Morning Classes Both Locations












If you are looking to do the Open WOD (first or second go) you will be allowed at the following times ONLY. For those looking to do it for a second time, please take the following advice : If you are not in the running for Regionals or Team, there is no need to do the workout again. Ego doesn’t need to take over your efforts to improve your fitness.


I truly mean that, but I also will never question anyone’s desire to redo it. This is your Games, your Finals, your everything. If it matters to you, DO IT. This is just my coach’s opinion, and only one, and one that is not informed as to your desires and needs, but one that will support any decision you make regardless.





Open WOD Times (Both Locations)


WOBURN: 12pm (class) 3-430pm (extended Open gym), 430-530pm (Class), 630-730pm (Class). NONE DURING 530PM CLASS


CANAL PARK: 12pm (Class), 430-530pm (Class). NO OTHER TIMES






We have had a lucky winter so far with only 1 full day closed and a half day another time, but the worst reports I just got done reading have 10 inches of snow from 11pm-11am. Best case being 4-6″ over the same time. Worst case is a lot in a short amount of time and potential for seriously dangerous driving conditions. Given that one of my coaches travels 30 minutes on a regular weather day and would be traveling right in the middle of the worst of the storm, AND that both myself and Stacey have each had accidents (hers ruining her car completely) in snow this year, I can’t take chances. Sucks I know, but it HAS to be the last time we deal with this this season. 


Trust me, I know what I am setting myself up for and the morning will probably go like this: No snow will accumulate, you all will MF me while you find another gym to take class at, you do and swear up and down you’re switching gyms and organizing/leading a house burning at my apartment for Monday night, and promise you will make everyone on social media know. Your anger will subside by noon and you will just draw a male genitalia on the back window of my car next time you see me.


If this is true, I hope you get into a single car, no injury/fatality accident that ends up having your insurance pay for every cent of your repairs and a rental while it gets fixed which they deliver to your door Tuesday morning (a Mercedes to boot), in other words not a single issue for you other than the 10 seconds of sheer terror you experienced while gliding into a telephone pole during which you couldn’t help but think that this accident was karma paying you back for the evil thoughts you wished upon me during the last few minutes of a poorly programmed, badly coached AMRAP at the gym you chose to attend in our place tomorrow morning.


You know there is love dripping from that entire statement. If you don’t, then please try to feel it.






Strength : Low Bar Back Squat




WOD : 3 Rounds
5 Hang Squat Clean 175/115
1 Rope Climb, 15′ (Woburn), 15 second (accumulated) chin over bar hang (CP)
150′ Shuttle Sprint (down and back Woburn, ONE sign and back CP)
20 Toes to Bar


S: 75/55, 6 Strict pull-ups/10 second hang, scaled TTB
L1: 135/95, 10′ Rope Climb, 15 second hang, Knees to Elbows


Rx+: 205/145



The Program : If doing 16.4 again try to make 3pm time at Woburn. Otherwise 630pm.


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. 10 minute Triple Under practice


3. Work Time

2m AMRAP : Thrusters 185/135 (from floor)

rest 1 minute then

2m AMRAP : Power Snatch 165/115

rest 1 minute then

2m AMRAP : Jumping Pistols (over bar)

rest 1 minute then

2m AMRAP : Box Jumps 30/24

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